Tigertron Brings Jupiter & Mars to E3

Eco-focused video game studio Tigertron today released a new trailer for its underwater PlayStation 4 and PSVR-enabled adventure game Jupiter & Mars during Sony PlayStation’s E3 Showcase Preshow. Focusing on the game’s story, the trailer tells of a tribe of whales called The Elders who serve as the guides in the game. In addition, Tigertron announced that Jupiter & Mars will be playable for the first time in North America at E3’s premiere indie game showcase.

“For a trailer that debuted during Sony’s E3 press conference and simultaneously shown on movie screens across the country as a part of Sony’s E3 Experience, we wanted to do something a bit different and more provocative, using a piece from of our composer Jonathan Atkinson’s original score as the backdrop, we brought the game’s story and setting to the forefront. Observant viewers may even get a hint of the setting of the final level in the game.” – Tigertron’s Creative Director James Mielke.

ABOUT Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars is a groundbreaking new video game for PlayStation 4 and PSVR which puts players in the role of dolphins Jupiter and her companion, Mars, as they explore five distinct “biomes,” such as tropical islands and sunken underwater cities. With the help of a group of ancient whales called The Elders, Jupiter and Mars navigate a future Earth where mankind has disappeared, forcing the dolphins to confront and solve the after-effects of man’s industrial legacy. Set in spectacular oceanic environments, Jupiter & Mars is an audio/visual feast for the senses that aims to entertain gamers worldwide and inspire the video gaming community with its story and message.

ABOUT Tigertron

Tigertron was founded in New York City in 2015 with an environmental ethos and the aim of developing games inspired by the real-world challenges of today to create fantastic, future worlds of tomorrow.

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