‘Think of the Children’ Open Beta Starts 18 September – Sign Up Now!

Today, developer Jammed Up Studios and publishing label Surprise Attack Games have announced a public beta for the chaotic co-op “parenting simulator”, Think of the Children.
The public beta will officially begin at 8:00 am PDT 18 September, and will end on 2 October. Players can sign up now at to secure a batch of four keys for themselves and friends.  Keys will be sent out in “waves”, from 18 September.

The beta includes the first three levels of the game in Quick Play, along with the ability to customise parents and children. These can be played by 1-4 players via local co-op. For streamers, there is the ability to randomly pull viewers names from their chat to name the children.

While no story mode is included in the beta, Think of the Children puts players on trial for negligent parenting, with the prosecutors presenting a series of potentially hazardous events as evidence: a birthday party at the park, a day at the zoo, a camping trip, being stranded in the Aussie Outback, under the sea, and more. Players can run solo or team up with other parents locally to play through each scenario in flashback and prove their innocence, making sure their tasks are done, the kids are happy–and ALIVE!–and every day out is a big success.

Think of the Children will release on PC via Steam late 2017.

About Jammed Up Studios

Rapid prototypes, game jams and stupid ideas are the driving force behind this team of game developers from Brisbane, Australia. Think of the Children is their first fully-fledged game.

About Surprise Attack Games

Surprise Attack Games is an independent games label based in Australia that believes in a new kind of publisher that puts developers and players first. It works with amazing creators to bring remarkable games to discerning players worldwide.

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