The Viking VR Spectacle is Now Available on Steam Including a 10% Rellease Discount!

Virtual reality stands for an intensive and intuitive gaming experience: The player puts on his VR glasses and finds himself in the heart of exciting and foreign worlds. With Viking Rage, VR players will get the opportunity to become a raging Viking who tries to defend several locations against all kinds of creatures, trolls, worgs and even giants.

As the player, you can use both hands to wield a bow, throwing axes, bombs and even crossbows, one in every hand. The environment can be used against the incoming hordes as well, by activating traps or shooting down icicles. After fending off a number of enemies you will be able to activate the “Rage Mode”, it will provide you with complete superiority for a short amount of time. You can also gain higher grounds and thus another advantage against your enemies by teleporting to multiple places in each level.

But there are more possibilities for your entertainment: Mini-games and easter eggs are waiting to be found and explored. Some of the mini-games are ranked and can be played against other players and your VR friends. And what about a relaxing round of “Wolf Golf”? Here you will use your battle ax for the drive and some wolves as golf balls – ragdoll physics guarantee some cruel landings! For unlocking those additional things, you should try hitting everything that looks like a potential trigger. And there are some.

Viking Rage explores the full potential of the virtual reality experience by an intelligent use of VR gameplay elements: Moving platforms, a “giant mode” and enormous altitude differences in regards to level design bring the players many exciting hours in full 3D.

The game is now available on Steam, starting with a 10% release discount in the first days.

About Viking Rage

Axes up! Bows drawn! Raise your horns!

Trolls, Kobolds and other mythical creatures have it in for the fortress of the Vikings – And these are exactly who you’re gonna beat up however you like in Viking Rage.

In this tower defense game with a twist you are – thanks to virtual reality – in the middle of the action, which might get rather racy! Quick clicking won’t do much – with the motion controllers in hand you are responsible for the defense of your village, so go all out and:

  • Throw axes and bombs
  • Shoot arrows with your longbow or crossbow
  • Play around with different elements
  • Surprise the intruders with traps

There will be unusual lands, witty weapons and all kinds of enemies to discover. Let Thor guide you and reach the Norse war frency

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