The Shadow Sun

Ossian Studios Inc., founded by former BioWare producer and developer of top-quality role-playing games (RPGs), announced today that The Shadow Sun is coming soon to Android devices.  Rendered in full 3D graphics using the Unity engine, The Shadow Sun offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience with more than 10 hours of gameplay through a gripping, dark fantasy story with different outcomes based on the choices you make, and intense visceral combat against the many wicked creatures of Shar.

With The Shadow Sun, our goal was to make a high quality RPG for mobile devices in the spirit of the classics from PC and console, and we are thrilled to bring the game to Android gamers,” said Alan Miranda, CEO of Ossian Studios.  “In The Shadow Sun, players create their own personalized character with unique abilities for a gameplay experience that is customizable, engaging, and filled with endless possibilities.”

Taking place in the vast city of Shar, The Shadow Sun brings the ultimate western action RPG to Android. Surrounded by desolate deserts, players will explore the ancient city held within the grip of a mysterious plague. With more than 10 hours of gameplay, players will journey through 70 unique areas and uncover 200 different items, ancient treasures, and hidden secrets to help them prepare for combat against deadly enemies across the city. Gamers can customize their character, adopt a faithful dog, and ally with companions to adventure alongside in this epic tale with multiple quest solving options and more than 30 attacks, spells, and skills to choose from. Rendered in full 3D graphics using the Unity engine, The Shadow Sun offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience unseen in the mobile gaming space.

Developed by Ossian Studios, The Shadow Sun is coming soon to Android devices and is available now on iOS in the App Store. For more information, please visit

Founded in 2003 by former BioWare producer Alan Miranda, Ossian Studios develops top-quality RPGs with a focus on story, role-playing, and exploration. Ossian Studios’ notable titles include The Shadow Sun, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate, and Neverwinter Nights: Darkness over Daggerford. Miranda cemented his development prowess during his time at BioWare, where he was the producer on Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and associate producer on Neverwinter Nights, and has since brought those skills to Ossian Studios.

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