The Repopulation – Revamping PvP

CHICAGO – July 28, 2015 – Above and Beyond Technologies is adding new features to the PvP system in their Kickstarter-funded sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation. Mechanics of the reworked siege and new PvP engagement systems will be playable for the first time at this year’s PAX Prime.

The Repopulation‘s completely revamped siege system allows gamers to seize control of other player-developed cities and in turn gain access to its benefits – resources, crafting bonuses and reduced trade rates. Stealing a city away from a rival nation also helps expand the geographic reach of the conquering nation while cutting off land and resources for the losing group.

Players will need to coordinate massive teams over a three day period to successfully siege a city, but at a huge resource cost, preventing gamers from indiscriminately sieging. To aid them in their conquest players have the option of attacking cities with the help of powerful siege units, including massive Mechs.

Also coming to The Repopulation is a new PvP engagement where the game’s three factions fight for control of a fort in a contested region called Shattered Heights. Members of the faction that successfully seizes control of the fort will gain exclusive access to vendors, missions, resources and a cloning facilities located within the fort’s walls that allows the victorious faction to respawn in the base.

Players assume the role of a human clone that must choose an allegiance with one of three factions fighting for survival on the distant planet Rhyldan. Although natural reproduction is forbidden, people killed in conflict can be cloned, but only if they have the necessary resources and facilities at their disposal.

With an absence of character classes or leveling and a system that allows players to choose the missions they most enjoy, The Repopulation provides a truly open-ended gaming experience. Gamers can mix and match more than 75 different skills, each with 12 tiers, to create a completely unique character perfectly suited to each player’s personal gaming style.

“When we began development of The Repopulation we set the ambitious goal of creating the biggest sandbox MMO with innovative ideas in all aspects, including PvP,” said Joshua Halls, developer, Above and Beyond Technologies. “The new PvP features will present players with unparalleled combat opportunities that requires massive group coordination.”


The Repopulation is available now on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

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