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The Orwell Sequel: Ignorance Is Strength

Time for Big Brother to watch over you again in the sequel to Orwell: Keeping An Eye called Orwell: Ignorance Is Strength.

This game starts by having you take an aptitude test, which I failed. But when I selected that I re-try the test the program director Ampleford said I might be just what she’s looking for if I’m willing to bend the truth.

All of the original tools are back; the Reader, the Listener and the Insider. But there appears to be a new tool called the Influencer. This new tool allows you to gather data chunks to construct new “facts” to spread through the e-world and influence people into believeinga narrative. Basically, fake news.

I can’t show you The Influencer tab due to spoilers!

The story in this second Orwell game is just as good as the first one was, and is similar in setting. You’re a part of a secret government organization called The Office; your goal is to uncover your target’s online information to uncover the truth. Using the 3 tools provided (and The Influencer at the end) to track individuals down and turn their uprising into a flub. I won’t say much about the story since it doesn’t take too long to play, maybe 4-8 hours-ish, but definitely a game to check out if you like narrative based point and click/simulation type games.

My only complaint for the game is that during day 2 myself, and a lot of other players got stuck when there was no indication of a new article, and you don’t get to use The Influencer for very long before the game wraps up. Overall, I enjoyed this game and encourage you to check it out as well.

If you are interested it is currently $9.99 on Steam, but you could snag both games for $14.98 also on Steam.

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