The Dungeon of the Endless Monster Contest


Amplitude Studios Expands Community (and Monster Count) With Contest Prizes, Games, and Credits

Paris, France – November 24, 2014 — Following the October release of its critically-acclaimed genre-blending title Dungeon of the Endless, award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios unveiled today that gamers worldwide can enter its new Design-Your-Own-Monster Contest. Players with an aptitude for designing stupidly cool monsters can enter the contest with the chance of winning an indie developer’s bundle of goodies featuring three free copies of the game (to play co-op, obviously!), the permanent integration of their monster into the game, their name in the credits, and a T-shirt featuring the designed monster.

The Community-Driven Design-Your-Own-Monster Contest starts today, Monday, November 24, and ends Monday, December 1. To enter the contest, check out the rules, complete the quest, and communicate with other community members, entrants can click HERE:








Fan-favorite Dungeon of the Endless is packed with a cacophony of bizarre monsters from the Endless universe that randomly flood from doors every time players take a turn. With monsters taking the form of hyena-like canines, prism-headed bipeds, gargantuan floor-stomping trolls, squid-like humanoids, and many more, gamers will have to bring their “A” game to win.

Released on Steam on October 27, Dungeon of the Endless has been called “a fiendish and unforgiving challenge,” and “bursting with personality and smart choices,” (IGN), a “rewarding, awesome experience,” (DarkStation), and a game “that creates something totally new” (PC Gamer). Offering a unique blend of rogue-like toughness, RPG-light building options, and dungeon-defense strategies, Dungeon of the Endless enables players to equip a team in single-player, or up to four people in cooperative multiplayer, to gather resources, construct defenses, and explore an infinite number of dungeons in an effort to reach the planet’s surface. Dungeon of the Endless is available now on Steam: $12.99 for the Pixel Pack or $19.99 for the Crystal Pack.

Known for its deep, engaging, and gorgeous 4X strategy games, Amplitude Studios won the venerable 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards for Endless Space and recently released the 4X fantasy-based game Endless Legend. For more on Dungeon of the Endless, visit Amplitude Studios on its Website (, like it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter.








Amplitude Studios is an independent gathering of experienced video game lovers (and developers) with a single goal: create the best strategy games! Based in Paris, the studio boasts an international team that has worked all over the world. Developer credits include franchises such as Battlefield, Rayman, XIII, R.U.S.E., Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Call of Juarez, Might & Magic Heroes, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, and others. Working closely for years with communities of players to share, discuss or compare ideas, the whole team has the dream of bringing the idea of GAMES2GETHER one step further. Help us accomplish our goal to bring a brand new way for players around the world to participate in the creation of a video game! Read more at

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