Telefrag VR opens a cross-platform VR arena to Vive, Rift & PS VR gladiators July 19th

Prepare for the VR experience of your life. As a gladiator, your mission is to live short – but die gloriously. Choose between Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Laser Pistol or Particle Cannon and combine two of them to fit your preferred fighting style. Choose the comfort of dash movement or experience how persistence favors the gladiator in battle. Explore the extraordinary, surreal maps, try to remember every nook and cranny, and then use this knowledge to overcome your enemy. The arena awaits you. Don’t delay – start telefragging!

Gladiators do not fear death. They embrace it. So fill your heart with courage and wishlist the game either on Steam ( to make a first step into joining the most dynamic sci-fi duels that you will ever have  experienced.

We’d like to point out that you will be able to play Telefrag VR using the 3DRudder foot motion controller on both PC VR and PS VR. The game will also support Windows Mixed Reality on Steam.


Welcome to an alternative universe in which the Roman Empire never fell. Instead, it consolidated its power around the globe and continued to expand into outer space. The conquering of new civilizations and races and the development of new technologies ushered in a new era of gladiatorial battles.

The Games. This is what the Romans of the future call the insanely dynamic encounters that feature gladiators from all over the Empire fighting in abstract arenas with specially designed ceremonial weapons. These tools of destruction have been expertly designed not only to kill, but to inflict the maximum savage, barbaric carnage in order to delight the Roman spectators and their refined sensibilities.

Telefrag VR offers exciting PvP matches that require both a good knowledge of the arena and the creative use of dashes and teleports to gain the upper hand in combat. But there is far more to it than just defense and evasion. The game is called Telefrag VR for a reason.

Tired of shooting at an enemy that has just locked on to you as their target? Stay calm, teleport through them, and watch as your enemy is reduced to a pulp.

Shooting from distance? Gun down your opponents with a range of firearms, from the staples of the genre to new and unique creations. But if you’re going to try and outwit your foes, you’ll need to choose your loadouts carefully, as some may work better against the type of enemy you’re currently facing than others.

Telefrag VR features a full arena game mode where players face off in 1v1 battles. Ultimate victory is attained in a best-of-five format.


  • Loadout Management – Players can utilize different loadouts, each containing two weapons. Every weapon features two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack. Upon spawning, the player is prompted to choose the loadout they feel will help them dispose of their enemy most effectively. Players are even able to switch their primary hand.
  • Teleport Attacks and Telefrags – Teleporting allows players’ contact weapons to inflict “Melee Damage” as they shift from one point of the arena to the next, adding an extra layer to the standard teleport mechanic used in VR.
  • Guns – Projectile weapons inflict “Ranged Damage” upon the target. The game features classic arena shooter weapons, such as Rocket Launchers and Flak Cannons, as well as futuristic additions like Plasma Rifles.
  • Fast-Paced Matches – You have two different locomotion types at your disposal. Get comfortable with dash movement or experience how persistence and free locomotion favor the gladiator in battle.
  • Impossible Spaces – Walkable surfaces can be placed regardless of gravity, so the player can traverse any designated surface regardless of its rotation and position relative to the “real” floor. This enables multiple angles of attack and passages through play space, giving a fresh take on competitive level design.
  • Arena Game Mode – A 1v1 gameplay mode which the player enters with three previously selected loadouts. Players are matched against each other and their loadouts are wagered for the outcome of the battle. The winner can claim the loser’s equipment. Both players receive currency at the end of the match based on their score. If they want, the loser can buy back their lost loadout. A currency multiplier is applied for each match won, effectively introducing a “win streak” mechanic.
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