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Edison, New Jersey – March 9, 2015 – Who knew a ball of goo could provide so much mind-bending entertainment? With Grapple, a futuristic 3D puzzle available now on Steam for both PC and Mac, players must swing, climb, jump, and crawl a ball of goo through 90 unique and progressively more difficult and complex levels. To commemorate the launch of this unique platformer, Grapple is available for a limited time price of $7.19 onSteam (10% off, regularly $7.99).

“We’re proud of the work we have put in to making Grapple one of the more interesting, original, and addictingly fun platformers available,” said Sam Tuggle, Head Programmer for Tuesday Society. “We can’t wait to see how the gaming community reacts, and to see some of the crazy fast times people are able to get on all 90 levels.”

Key features of Grapple include:

  • Tons of Freedom: Go where you please in this 3D platformer that takes traditional 3D platforming design to the next level and features huge, complex levels with numerous obstacles.
  • Think Fast, Play Faster: Players must combine quick reflexes and solid platforming instincts to run, climb, swing, and jump through 90 levels of futuristic 3D platforming goodness.
  • Variety Abounds: Traverse your way through each level filled with regular sticky platforms, bounce platforms, cannons, force fields, death platforms (avoid these!), invisible platforms (which appear invisible when far away but will pop up when you get close), and lots more.
  • Different Strokes for Different Folks: Three different game modes to play through and dominate: Standard (straightforward with checkpoints along each level); Time Trial (all 90 levels but with NO checkpoints to keep track of and beat your best times); and Speed Run (a full run through the ENTIRE game, all 90 levels, with checkpoints).


Developed by Tuesday Society and published by Midnight City, Grapple is available now on Steam ( For more information regarding Grapple, please visit


Midnight City is Majesco’s independent digital label dedicated to supporting indie development teams with customized publishing services, including public relations, marketing, and community content. Midnight City focuses its efforts on the ever growing independent game development market and independent game studios. Learn more at

Tuesday Society is a team of five people at the University of Texas at Dallas who came together to make Grapple. Members Sam Tuggle, Brian Chancellor, Alex Rothenberg, Andrew Grant, and Marvin Whitehurst all combined forces and have worked hard to make sure Grapple is fun and exciting. Learn more about us at

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