Surprise Update Brings the Elin Brawler and More to TERA on XB1 and PS4!

En Masse Entertainment has announced that the latest update for TERA on PlayStation 4 and XBox One will bring a number of new features into the game. Today’s Suckerpunch update is anchored by one tough cookie: the elin brawler!

She may be cute and those ears may express all sorts of emotions, but don’t let that fool you! The elin brawler brings a world of hurt to enemies courtesy of her flying powerfists and in-your-face attacks. Like all great punchers, she bobs and weaves with catlike grace to confuse her enemies before sending them skyward with a furious uppercut.

Today also marks the next step in En Masse Entertainment’s cooperation with Twitch Prime. You can claim a whole set of Ultra-Violent cosmetic armor – a purple and black glowing outfit of awesomeness that both “Bleeds Purple” of Twitch Fandom, and strikes fear into all the BAMS you’ll face in TERA.

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