Stargaze a VR adventure game inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s the ‘Little Prince’ coming to Oculus, Vive, Index, Windows Mixed Reality this year

Welcome pupils to stargazing 101. This semester we will be teaching you about the fascinating life that inhabits the stars. We assure you that the mysterious, yet beautiful events you will observe will grab you by the heart and make real Astronomers out of you in no time! Now, let us introduce you to the tools we will be using during our course. 

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Discover a magical galaxy inspired by Little Prince’s interstellar travels, stylized as hand-drawn book illustrations, and experience a wonderful cosmic fable in virtual reality.

Observe the life and events of the curious planets by physically manipulating your telescope. Find the proper angles and perspective to uncover their secrets. Take photos and note down your observations to complete your book of research and solve the ultimate cosmic mystery … or just sit down and chill-out stargazing. 

Immerse yourself in a fable of cosmic proportions where you’re both the observer …as well as the man behind the scenes!


  • BECOME AN ASTRONOMER – Make the most of your very own observatory-planet with complete scientific equipment, research journal, photographic set, and …The Telescope.
  • RESEARCH A GALAXY – See light years ahead into space and bend the rays of light to study planets from all the different angles. Make photos of strange phenomena. Analyze your findings in the research journal.
  • CHILL OUT AND EXPLORE – Sit back and explore the galaxy through many different points of view. Reveal hidden items, new species, and secret planets.
  • AWAKEN LIFE OF COSMOS – Awaken and inspire life. Decide where to focus your telescope and through its manipulation encourage change.
  • SOLVE SCIENTIFIC PUZZLES – Figure out how phenomena connect with one another. Trigger events by joining what was apart.


We know you’re anxious to start, so let us invite you to test the game yourselves during the PAX x EGX event, taking place digitally between September 12-20. We will have a playable demo available on Steam for the duration of the event and we will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We will be part of the Indie Games Poland Foundation booth, so be sure to check what our friends have to offer as well!

Tune in for a live stream of Stargaze on Twitch, hosted by the Indie Games Poland Foundation – – on Wednesday, September 16 at 20:15 CET, for an exclusive look and additional materials from Stargaze.


Yes! The musical genius that has been composing scores for your favorite adventure games for years, including the Blackwell series, Unovowed, and the upcoming Nighthawks has joined the team and is working hard to bring you another memorable audio experience.  

Stargaze is currently under development and will come to Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality in Q4 2020.

Visit the game’s Steam store page and Wishlist to remain updated on the development progress of the game. Your support and curiosity will help us a lot and will be appreciated immensely!

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