Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Launches Soon, So Let’s Blow. Space Zombies. Up.

Do you like space battles? How about colourful explosions? Do you like colourful explosions caused by your ship’s nose tearing through the side of an enemy’s exposed hull? Well then Space Pirates and Zombies 2 may just be the perfect game for you!

Originally released on Steam Early Access in May 2016, SPAZ 2 launches next month, offering up a living, breathing (at least in the case of humans) galaxy for players to explore and inevitably blow to smithereens. While we’re still remaining tight-lipped on the game’s launch date – promise it’s coming soon – we want to make sure you have tons of time to dig into its intricacies. That means code requests are now open, with review codes coming down the pipe soon.

So, to get you ready for your fight against the space zombie menace, here are 5 things you should know about SPAZ 2:

  • Did you play the original SPAZ? SPAZ 2 is a sequel in number and setting alone. Get ready for a new and exciting take on outer space warfare, featuring explosive, new gameplay mechanics, a fresh coat of paint, and a focus on scavenging and survival.
  • SPAZ 2 is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, but even more exciting is that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners can play the whole game in VR for free.
  • This living, evolving galaxy doesn’t revolve around the player. Each of the 200 persistent AI captains think for themselves and act on their own impulses, meaning they’ll form factions, build structures, control territory and wage war on each other, even if the player isn’t involved.
  • Build your dream mothership from scratch using randomly generated, modular parts, but don’t get too attached. While guns and lasers put on quite the show, sometimes the most effective means of destruction involves ramming into your enemy’s ship, tearing off their engine in the process.
  • Your tractor beam isn’t just a passive utility – grab hold of broken ship parts and turn them into improvised flails. Even better, try tossing an explosive barrel into the fray.
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