Space has no boundaries: Space Game Celebrity supports funding of EVERSPACE – Two days left on Kickstarter!

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Hamburg, Germany – September 8th, 2015 – In an exceptional display of cooperation in the games industry Chris Roberts, the juggernaut of space sims, sent out a “note from the Chairman” [of Roberts Space Industries] to his one million Star Citizens praising the diversity of today’s space games and in particular the top-notch environmental effects and the strong action focus of EVERSPACE. The high quality graphics of the Pre-Alpha-Version combined with rogue-like game elements and a well thought-out story excited almost 9,000 backers in total whose support already distinguishes the arcade-style space shooter with over €355,000 (~$400,000) in funding as the German game with most-ever funding on Kickstarter.

The campaign will end 11th of September at 3:00 am CEST (UTC+2) enabling backers for two more days to not only unlock further stretch goals but also help name and design game content such as log book entries, equipment, corporations, factions, supporting and main characters or an epic space relic.EVERSPACE_ActionFreeze_Screenshot_001

Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud Imperium Games: “Like fighter pilots that argue over who’s flying the hottest aircraft, the conversation between space gamers has always inevitably turned to who supports the best game, with plenty of ribbing (good natured and otherwise) in every direction. Whether it was Wing Commander versus X-Wing in the 1990s or Star Citizen compared to Elite: Dangerous today, we all like a good argument! But just like pilots, at the end of the day we aren’t truly competitors… we’re all part of a band of brothers and the success of any great project buoys us all.”

We are especially thrilled that Chris Roberts, maker of all-time space game classics Wing Commander and Freelancer, gave the shout out himself. We would probably never have made Galaxy on Fire in the first place and now EVERSPACE if we hadn’t played those games like crazy back in the days“, says Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games, “We are flattered that he put us alongside Star Citizen, Elite:Dangerous and No Man’s Sky and we fully agree that every single one of it contributes to this amazing renaissance of the genre.

Everspace_Screenshot_20150828_003In the next two days, ROCKFISH Games aims to unlock the next two stretch goals with further support from the gaming community. Two extra ships in the third stretch goal will unlock at €400k (~$445k). Both come with a unique look and different pros and cons. Ship-exclusive perks and starting equipment will give players more options and allow for different play styles like special ops or mining and faster upgrading on each run. Subsequently the Hardcore Mode builds the fourth stretch goal unlocking at €450k (~$500k). It boasts an additional level of difficulty for rogue-like purists by including permadeath.

All EVERSPACE stretch goals at a glance:

  • €275k: Mac and Linux support on release day – goal achieved!
  • €325k: Alien items and consumables and additional languages ES, FR, IT, PL, PT (EN, DE, and RU will be available on launch) – goal achieved!
  • €400k: Two extra player ships
  • €450k: Hardcore Mode
  • €550k: Full gamepad and HOTAS support
  • €725k: PS4 & XB1 version
  • €925k: Version for iOS device
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