Skyfront VR Launches on Steam with Nausea-Free, Zero-G Multiplayer Action

Building upon the growing competitive community in the virtual reality space, Levity Play launched Skyfront VR, the medium’s first nausea-free, multiplayer title on Steam Early Access on November 10. Not content to simply glide into its Early Access launch however, Skyfront VR kicked off its first weekend with an arena-full of new content: a new trailer, new map, new weapons, and new special abilities for owning the battlefield.

Over the course of its first three days in Steam Early Access, Skyfront VR’s passionate community took to the skies en masse and didn’t disappoint in their aerial ballet of bullets (and shields, and rocket). Together, the community logged a total of 24,224 kills and 265 hours of play over the course of this first weekend. That’s an impressive amount of playtime for a medium notorious for its motion sickness.

This comes as a result of Skyfront VR’s unique locomotion mechanics that help to centre players and provide them with a more comfortable gameplay experience. Handling movement by moving one’s hands, players are treated to 1:1 in-game translation, eliminating the sensory conflict that often occurs with movement using a joystick. This is further combined with large, open arenas and collision dampening on surfaces, to strike a balance between intuitive freedom of movement and tight FPS gameplay.

From its reverence for the legacy of classic PC arena shooters, to its drive to push the VR medium forward, while simultaneously reducing the neurological bar to entry, Levity Play has set out to craft the next generation of VR arena shooters. Boasting 2 gorgeous arenas, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch gametypes, 5 different weapons, 5 special abilities for turning the tide of battle, and a Bot Shootout practice mode at the time of its Early Access launch, Skyfront VR has no shortage of ways to enact skybound supremacy, with new modes, maps and features planned for the coming months.

Embrace your inner arena shooter, strap on your grappling hook, and get ready to make your move, boundary-free, in Skyfront VR’s gravity-defying battle arenas. Pick your weapons wisely, set your abilities strategically and prepare to fight for VR glory!

Steam Early Access Features

  • A fully functioning online multiplayer setting
  • 2 zero-gravity battle arenas
  • 2 game types – Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch
  • 5 different weapons + 1 Locomotion Device
  • 5 special abilities for strategic use
  • Bot Shootout

Full Release Features

  • 5 game modes including Single Deathmatch, 3v3 Elimination and Capture The Flag
  • 5-6 visually stunning maps in different geographical settings
  • 20+ destructive weapons and special abilities to choose from
  • An engaging progression system
  • Customizable character & weapon assets
  • Play against advanced AI opponents
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