Skellboy rattles out heroically today onto the Nintendo Switch!

Courtesy of Fabraz and Umaiki Games, Skellboy launches today on the Nintendo Switch! Take on a endless horde of squarely undead horrors with an array of items that’s as much autopsy as it is arsenal, as you swap around Skippy’s body parts and weapons to fit any situation that comes their way. It’s all in aid of defeating the dastardly Squaruman and thwarting his conquest of the Cubold Kingdom, a land exactly as pixelated as all these shape puns would suggest.

Skellboy is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $20.00 USD. There’s also some sweet merch available from The Yetee and the soundtrack will be available on vinyl courtesy of Black Screen Records. Skellboy will also be coming to Steam sometime later this year.

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