Celebrating “Throwback Thursday” in appropriate fashion, independent developer Zojoi and Reverb Triple XP announced today that a special retro two-pack update to Shadowgate will launch this Saturday, November 22. Developed by the founding members of Zojoi, two of the legendary “MacVenture” titles – the original Shadowgate and the hard-boiled detective adventure Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True – will be available as a free update to owners of Shadowgate.  Additionally, each classic title contains both the 128k Mac and Apple IIgs versions. To celebrate the retro launch of these classics, Shadowgate will be available for a limited-time promotional price on Steam starting 10am PST on Saturday, November 22.

Gamers who thought the new Shadowgate was difficult, should get ready for a true old-school challenge with the original black/white and 4-bit color versions. Venture into a mystical living castle, solve riddles, and use magic spells in the granddaddy of all adventure games.

ImageProxy.mvcTime to take down a dragon or two (128k Mac version)

Déjà Vu puts the player in the role of Ace Harding – retired boxer and private eye – who wakes up in a bathroom stall, unable to remember anything and framed for murder.  Players must solve a complex mystery before either their health, or the cops, bring them down.


There’s a dead body.You have a gun.Not good (Apple IIgs version)

Shadowgate is available on Steam for both PC and Mac for $19.99.  A special promotional price will be offered for a limited time for the launch of the retro two-pack update.  For more information about Shadowgate, please visit, follow the development team on Twitter and “LikeShadowgate on Facebook.

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