Set off on an unforgettable voyage in space, with added pixel-art flavor with ‘The Last Journey’

The Last Journey is an incredibly captivating game that features unforgettable moments and evokes strong feelings in every fan of exploration and mysterious stories. The procedurally generated post-nuclear scenery of interstellar space has well-thought-out script and beautiful pixel-art visuals.

Following a ruinous nuclear war, the Earth has been devastated. It’s year 2140 and you take control of autonomous spacecraft carrying human DNA samples called “Adam”. To find a place to live, you set off on a dangerous journey in search of a new planet hidden somewhere in the boundless, cosmic void. Will you find it?

The Last Journey is available on Steam entirely for free! IMGN.PRO and Sleepless Clinic appreciate the support they’ve received from the players, their presence at events, their huge interest in the games, and the stream of valuable opinions about the studio’s another project, Symmetry, that will help to make the title even better. As a way of expressing their gratitude for the impact players have on IMGN.PRO’s games, the publisher and developer have decided that everyone can play The Last Journey for free!

The unique quality of The Last Journey comes from its rich world full of secrets, realistic story supported by polished script, and nostalgic pixel-art graphics designed to draw in fans of cult games.

Uncover the mysteries of The Last Journey! Explore dozens of planets and stars lost in the galaxy, discover abandoned spaceships that hide dark pasts, showing you your path, and avoid ending up like them by managing your own ship as well! Upgrade and customize your craft as you wish, but remember you’ll need to gather and collect parts from shipwrecks as you travel throughout the universe to be able to.

Reinforce your ship and journey the galaxy in your search for a new home for humanity. The Last Journey offers a two-in-one gaming experience: on the one hand it’s a rich sandbox for exploration admirers, on the other it has an absorbing, ambiguous story to tell.

Main Features

  • Travel through space and explore its plethora of planets, stars, secrets, abandoned ships, and unexplored stories!
  • Procedurally generated content guarantees that you will return to The Last Journey more than once
  • Upgrade your ship, overcome the obstacles in your way, and carefully manage resources
  • Will you rescue humanity? Find a new home in the vast cosmos
  • Follow the mysterious story set in a post-nuclear universe – dark secrets lurk ahead
  • Pixel-art for fans of classic games! A minimalistic graphic style for that nostalgic feeling

Find The Last Journey on Steam:

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