Scream Your Way Into a Horror Prize Pack from Bloober Team and Aspyr Media

Just in time for Halloween, Bloober Team and Aspyr Media are teaming up to bring some chilling excitement to Twitch for this spooky season! To help gamers get in the Halloween mood, the cyberpunk masterpiece, >observer_, will be going on Sale at 15% off from October 23 through to November 2nd. Accompanied with this sale, Aspyr will be running a promotion to see who can deliver the best blood curdling scream during an >observer_ or Layers of Fear recorded playthrough. It can be live, pre-recorded, or even staged if entrants are the intrepid type!

TL;DR player’s can scream their head off for a chance to win a ton of horror games. Do folks need some inspiration? Check out these streamer favorites getting their terror on:

Once entrants have their scream recorded they can clip it on Twitch, upload it on YouTube, or highlight it on a shareable video platform of their choice. On Nov 14th, Aspyr will choose one grand prize winner and four runners-up!


GRAND PRIZE: Steam copies of >observer_, Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition, Fahrenheit, Blands 2 GOTY, COD Black Ops and all Expansions

FOUR SECONDARY PRIZES: A choice of one title from the grand prize pack (PS4/Xbox One versions available for Layers of Fear or >observer_)


  1. Entrants must create an Aspyr account to be eligible to win
  2. The video clip must be of the entrant! No clipping a video from someone else’s channel.
  3. Entrants must use the hashtag #StreamerScream in their Tweet to be eligible
  4. Entrants may also post their entry on Twitter, to the appropriate thread on the Steam Discussions, or leave a comment on the Aspyr Blog.
  5. Content must follow the rules of YouTube/Twitch/Mixer/etc.

Official Rules and FAQ can be found on Aspyr’s official site, here:

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