Russian Subway Dogs signals a stop on PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2018!

Rise up with your fellow proletaricats and seize the means of pawduction. Spooky Squid Games is adding a new (play)station to the Moscow metro as Russian Subway Dogs heads to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2018!

Previously announced for PC, Russian Subway Dogs is an action-arcade battle against the clock. Play as a range of charming critters all looking to make it through another day on the Moscow metro. Eat shawarma, bark at vodka, and definitely don’t eat any chocolate as you rack up multipliers to keep your hunger levels at bay. Simple enough for a puppy to pick up but still packed with challenge. Russian Subway Dogs balances fast-paced gameplay with quick thinking as players face a constantly changing mix of enemies, items, and encounter scenarios on-screen.

Heading to the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim this December? Check out Russian Subway Dogs on the show floor at booth #13 and try for the best score possible!

  • Cause chaos and stuff your stomach. Russian Subway Dogs challenges players to mix every object on-screen to win. Fatten bears with pelmeni!
  • Feed pigeons hot sauce so they’ll rain hot fire from the sky. Sit back and enjoy the resulting BearBQ! Experimentation will lead to success!
  • Enter campaign mode and complete challenges for the Proletaricat as you make your way through the Moscow metro.
  • Feeling competitive? Try for the highest score on the online leaderboards in Endless Mode.
  • Elaborate pixel art backgrounds based on the real-life Moscow metro stations!
  • Choose from a bounty of playable characters, from the default Subway Dog and Proletaricat, to a special selection of guest critters including
  • Question Hound from KC Green’s Gunshow, Ratcoon from Ruin of the Reckless or Nacho & Rad Shiba from VA-11 HALL-A!

About Russian Subway Dogs:

Russian Subway Dogs is a fast-paced action-arcade game inspired by the real-life stray dogs of the Moscow Metro. We have done extensive, totally legal research in order to fine-tune this chaotic simulation of what it’s like to scavenge for food from Russian commuters. Surviving isn’t easy when you are dodging volatile vodka, rival dogs, and the rare and dangerous subway bear!

About Spooky Squid:

Spooky Squid Games make carefully crafted pixel art games in Toronto, Canada. They’re best known for the platforming beat’em up They Bleed Pixels, a fine blend of super cute pixels and dark occult secrets. They are currently developing Russian Subway Dogs, an arcade game about the stray dogs of the Moscow Metro.

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