Rockstar Games Presents the 2017 Red Hook Criterium Championship Cycling Series

Rockstar Games is proud to announce the return of the Red Hook Criterium Championship Series in 2017, now enjoying its 10th consecutive year as the world’s premier track bike criterium.  Originally founded in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the fixed gear street racing series now spans four locations across the globe and offers a unique combination of thrilling racing and a vibrant festival atmosphere that makes it popular with athletes and spectators alike.

  • April 29: Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn, NY, USA;
  • July 22: Red Hook Criterium London, UK;
  • September 2: Red Hook Criterium Barcelona, Spain;
  • October 14: Red Hook Criterium Milan, Italy.

“This year marks a special moment in the history of the Red Hook Crit with the 10-year anniversary of the first race in Brooklyn, thanks to the support of riders and fans worldwide and with the help of the team at Rockstar Games, we have been able to grow and evolve this championship into something truly amazing.” – David Trimble, Series Director.

Looking to the season ahead, all eyes will be on last year’s champions Colin Strickland and Ash Duban, both from the United States, to see if they can continue their run at the top amidst ever-increasing competition.  A new race format debuts in 2017 with six qualifying heats – rather than individual lap times – determining final starting grid placements for a day of non-stop racing action.  Overall, the 2016 season saw past champions falter, increased participation from pro athletes, the emergence of tactical team-play and lap records broken at every race venue.  Reaching the podium in 2017, let alone winning the prestigious series title, will present riders with the toughest challenge yet.  For more information on the series please visit

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