‘Ridiculous Triathlon’ Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

Madrid, Spain April 16, 2015 – CremaGames, Spanish indie studio and developer of successful apps and games since 2010, announced that their latest racing game, Ridiculous Triathlon, is now available on both iTunes App Store and Google Play. In this award-winning endless runner players tour different cities around the world while alternating between different triathlon stages, running, cycling and swimming, each with its own different mechanics. Ridiculous Triathlon is available for free on iOS and Android devices in 10 languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, English and Italian. For more information about CremaGames and Ridiculous Triathlon, please visit:


Ridiculous Triathlon is a fun, addictive and easy to pick up and play game that brings a unique twist to the endless-runner game genre with the triathlon theme and the intense multi-tasking since players must control three characters at once,” said Enrique Paños, CEO of CremaGames. “Last year Ridiculous Triathlon won the “Best Indie Game” award at the Madrid Games Week, and now we are looking forward to seeing what players all over the world think!”

Ridiculous Triathlon is a story of three quirky characters that form a perfect team in order to compete in the triathlon. With more than 100 missions available, this motley crew must join forces to race through different tracks all over the world, piling up the different characters one on each other in order to dodge various obstacles and collect coins along the way. With plenty of funny animations, personalised characters, beautiful 3D graphics and easy controls, this game is suitable for players of all ages.


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About Ridiculous Triathlon

Ridiculous Triathlon is an endless runner in which players compete in a thrilling three-stage race: running, cycling and swimming. Players simultaneously control a personalised three-character team that races through the iconic streets of Barcelona, London and Tokyo. Each triathlon stage has its own unique dynamics and controls, such as piling the characters on top of each other to avoid obstacles while running, using an accelerometer to control the bicycle and, finally, swiping the screen in order to make the characters swim around, over and under obstacles. These different race mechanics coupled with the character customisation option makes the triathlon a different experience each time. Coins obtained through the race can be used to buy various bonuses including magnets, copters, UFOs, initial boosts and much more. Additionally, players can win awards and gifts using a claw crane.

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About CremaGames

Founded in 2010, CremaGames is an indie developer studio based in Madrid that focuses on bringing entertaining experience to the mobile gaming realm. The most popular releases to date that received millions of downloads and features from App Store and Google Play include Instant Buttons, Spin It! and Oh My Goat!. For more information visit:

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