Richard Garfield’s Roguelike Deckbuilder ROGUEBOOK REVEALS ITS GAMEPLAY SECRETS

Revealed last weekend during the Mix’s Game Dev Direct, Roguebook’s latest gameplay trailer, shows promising gameplay mechanic and hours of fun for fans of Roguelike deck builders

At the Media Indie Exchange (MIX), the online event that showcases forthcoming independent video game titles, Abrakam Entertainment and NACON released a new video for the roguelike deck builder Roguebook. The video highlights the main gameplay elements and some of their finer points.

Developed by Abrakam Entertainment and co-designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The GatheringTM, Roguebook is a roguelike deck builder set in the magical world of Faeria. Players must build a team of two heroes from the four available and battle the legends of the Roguebook in tactical turn-based combat.

Each hero has a unique set of cards, and players must expertly manage their deck, create synergies between heroes and control their position during fights, such as putting defensive heroes at the front to protect the damage dealer of the team.

While exploring, players add cards to their deck, and these cards can be upgraded by adding gems to them or transmute them into new, even more, powerful cards. Roguebook also introduces a new philosophy in deckbuilding games: by expanding their deck, players unlock unique talents and skills for their heroes… But in return, they’ll also have to face more unpredictability in handling a towering deck!

At the start of each chapter, only a portion of the map is revealed, including the path to the boss. Players are encouraged to explore the map and use the ink system to reveal hidden areas. Many treasures, enemies, and events can be found to help make your team as strong as possible for the final fight.

As it is a roguelike, defeat means starting all over again… But all is not lost: Roguebook has a permanent upgrade system with new unlockable cards and new abilities for the heroes. And for players who want to uncover all the Roguebook’s secrets, there is the Epilogue system, which can be used to add customized challenges and earn bigger rewards. This greatly increases the replay value of Roguebook.

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