Remastering République: The Journey to Unity 5


Unity Technologies today released a series of five development diaries including videos, podcasts and opinion features to showcase how Seattle-based developer Camouflaj took their critically acclaimed game République and fully remastered the game in Unity 5 for today’s launch of République Remastered on PC and Mac.

Since December 2013, Camouflaj has launched the first three of five episodes on iOS and Android to warm reception including Apple’s “Editor’s Choice” and mainstream coverage including The Washington Post stating République, “sets a new benchmark for mobile game quality.” As the team prepared to bring the game to PC and Mac platforms, Camouflaj approached Unity with an offer to collaborate on early Unity 5 development, help take the new features to the next level, and document their journey from Unity 4 to Unity 5 as a rich resource for fellow Unity developers.

Today Unity Technologies and Camouflaj are proud to share the “Remastering République: The Journey to Unity 5” development diaries. Each of the five dev diary entries includes a blog post, video, and podcast. Below is a breakdown of the content covered the series:


Dev Diary #1: République Enters the Next Gen

Why Camouflaj bet on Unity 5 with the PC and Mac version of République

Dev Diary #2: République Migrates From Unity 4

Camouflaj explains the process of how they moved République from Unity 4 to Unity 5


Dev Diary #3: République in Physically Based Shading

Camouflaj discusses Physically Based Shading for the uninitiated, explaining how this new technology became the killer feature for République Remastered

Dev Diary #4: République Lighting & More

Camouflaj discusses how they have made use of Reflection Probes, Global Illumination and other new Unity 5 features including physics and animation refinements

Dev Diary #5: République Ships on Unity 5

Camouflaj documents their push to launch, and how they optimized and shipped République Remastered

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