Red Orchestra 2: Reinforcement Update Pack Released!

20 October 2015, Roswell, GA – Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games are pleased to announce that the Reinforcement Update Pack for Red Orchestra 2, PC Gamer’s 2011 First-Person Shooter Game of the Year (Multiplayer), is available now on Steam

Red Orchestra 2_Shot1 Red Orchestra 2_Shot3 .

To celebrate the release of the update, Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm are FREE to play on Steam until Monday October 26th (10AM PST/1PM EST) and during this time the game is also on sale for 75% off!

The Reinforcement Update Pack consists of:

  • Incoming new map: Barrikady Factory. Barrikady is a combined effort between Tripwire and community members, now being released into the Beta Map Pack DLC, so we can get some final feedback on the gameplay, while it gets its final polish, ready for an “official” release soon
  • Fixed kick voting
  • Fixed team selection locking up when a player swaps from spectating one team, to playing for the other
  • Fixed single bullet reload interruption having major sync issues in online play
  • Fixed edge case where pump action shotguns could sometimes reload more shells than they actually had
  • Fixed Battlefield Commission scene being badly broken in Eyefinity
  • Fixed burning players being unable to see themselves on fire
  • Updated C96 pistol sound references to use the correct sounds, not the ppsh sounds.
  • Tweaked recoil values of all machine guns to increase difficulty of shooting accurately
  • Removed force walk when firing an MG

Red Orchestra 2_Shot1 Red Orchestra 2 Shot2

For more information on Red Orchestra 2, please visit:
For more information on Rising Storm, please visit:

About Tripwire Interactive
Based in Roswell, Georgia, Tripwire Interactive is an entertainment software developer and publisher founded in 2005 by the award-winning mod team and winners of the 2004 edition of the “$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal” competition.  Based in Roswell, Georgia the team released Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, to both critical and commercial success, garnering several awards including “Multiplayer Game of the Year” and “FPS of the Year”. This was followed by the immensely popular Killing Floor, which went straight to the top of the best-seller list on Steam and has now sold over 3m units, making it one of the best-selling PC games of all time. Red Orchestra 2 was released in September 2011, to high praise and PC Gamer’s award for “FPS of the Year (Multiplayer)” followed by Rising Storm in May 2013 (“one of the best military FPS games I’ve played” – IGN) which won PC Gamer’s 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year. In 2015 Tripwire released its biggest title to date, Killing Floor 2, on Steam Early Access. Along with publishing other Indie titles, Tripwire Interactive continues to build a reputation for strong support for all their titles over a prolonged period of time. For more information visit Tripwire Interactive’s website at

About Antimatter Games
Antimatter Games is a games studio based in Cornwall, England. They started out as the mod team who collaborated with Tripwire Interactive on Rising Storm, the follow-up to Red Orchestra 2, that was recognized as the Multiplayer Game of the Year 2013 by PC Gamer. Amongst their activities, the team continues to work on updates and expansions for Tripwire Interactive franchises.

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