Realpolitiks “New Power” DLC is now available on Steam, GOG and other selected digital stores!

Next week the expansion will also be introduced to Mac App Store users. The DLC introduces new gameplay possibilities that reflect current world events and political movements. The price of the DLC is set for 7.99 USD and 6.99 EUR respectively.

Realpolitiks “New Power” DLC, apart from new diplomatic solutions and the introduction of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), presents a mini-scenario called: “Korean crisis”, which introduces a real nuclear threat from North Korea.

DLC gameplay video, which you can find in the press materials, presents 3 key features of the expansion pack:

  • Non-aggression pacts – a new type of diplomatic solution that helps to improve relations with other countries;
  • A political annexation that allows for the peaceful enlargement of the player’s territory;
  • Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) – once discovered they will try to influence the policy and the possibility of creating larger territorial units.

Mobile gamers also do have reasons to celebrate. On the occasion of the PC/Mac DLC launch, the mobile version of Realpolitiks is offered at a promotional price for both iOS and Android.

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