Rainware’s ‘Timbertales’ leaves Early Access Today

Enthusiasts of turn based strategy games are lucky today because Timbertales, developed by indie studio Rainware, is leaving Early Access on Steam.

Timbertales is a fantasy turn based strategy game inspired by classics such as Battle Isle, Battle of Wesnoth and Jagged Alliance. Move your units throughout an isometric map set in the woods as you manage up to 15 different animal species. Craft your army of cute beasts and get ready for an intense battle in the forest.

“Timbertales is an ode to animal welfare.  We are concerned about the degradation of nature and we wanted to highlight the importance of preserving it among the gaming community”. – Thorben Rackow CEO at Rainware.

Apart from introducing Steam Achievements, the full release of Timbertalesfeatures improved sound and animation effects, and a new adjusted game speed. The game contains both solo and multiplayer modes too.


  • 2 different races (sylvan or vermin) and 15 animal species
  • Specific story mode
  • Map exploration and unlockable challenges
  • Solo and multiplayer modes
  • Close approach to tabletop turn base strategy games
  • Online rankings
  • Starcraft-like combat system

About Rainware Softworks

One-man indie studio Rainware Softworks, founded by Thorben Rackow in 2016 and  located at Stade, Germany, develops games on Steam, iOS and Android. Their three hits published so far –Space Unicorns, Flat Fat Cat and Timbertales– show the talent of this developer whose favourite games are Starcraft: Broodwar and Starcraft 2.

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