Radio Commander VR is coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in Q1, 2021

Experience one of the most innovative strategy games of 2019 in virtual reality!

Play as an American military commander serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War. Be more present there than ever, right next to the battlefield, in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle. Lead your soldiers to victory or at least give them a chance to survive the hell that awaits them. But most of all, be prepared to carry a heavy burden, as you’ll be coordinating military operations that took place between 1965 and 1968.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a military leader, add the game to your wishlist on Steam (

“Since day one, we’ve dreamed about a VR version of Radio Commander. Our goal was to offer players the most realistic and immersive Vietnam War experience on the market, and finally, VR technology gave us that chance.  We’re putting the player right in the heart of the action – the center of the South Vietnam of the ’60s, into a commander’s tent, where he can control US troops fighting with the enemy,” says one of the Games Operators developers, Jakub Bukała. “Gamers will be able to look around the tent and the base, lean over the map, move their tokens manually, and operate the radio. In other words, they really become the true Radio Commander.”


A unique view on realism – ask for situation reports, listen to what your men have to tell you, and send evac choppers or nape drops. Defeat the invisible enemy.

Dive into the story – experience the story of soldiers and their commander, trapped in the middle of the bloody, chaotic, and morally ambiguous Vietnam conflict. Dive into a scenario that doesn’t avoid the difficult issues of civilians trapped in the theater of action, shady CIA operations, or cynical political pressures. Discover the uneasy situations presented in such cult classics as Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, or Apocalypse Now, which were happening daily for those serving in Vietnam. See for yourself how hard it is to make the right choices in the middle of a fire exchange with the Viet Cong.

Decide who lives and dies – decide the fate of your soldiers. The choices you face will have a direct impact on the course of the game, and they will also define the views of your hero. Or maybe those are your views? While playing Radio Commander VR, you must be prepared to answer tough questions about the righteousness of your actions, the price of human life, and the toxic power of propaganda and stereotypes.

Use your imagination – you will play as the commander operating from his tent, using only a radio and a map. You will be staring at the map for hours, listening carefully to the reports, and your decisions will affect the lives of many people. Just like in real life, there are no fancy graphics and animations to help you imagine what’s happening on the battlefield. Only you, your map, and your skills. You have to listen and be smart.

Choose between various means – you will take under your command not only units of infantry, air cavalry, or field artillery but also powerful air support units. It’s your choice whether to order the jungle-burning nape drops or devastating bombings. Are you ready to bring the rain of fire and burn enemy positions to the ground? Are you sure that your soldiers are far enough and won’t take damage? And does the ends always justify the means?

Experience deep in-game systems – beneath the narrative layer, hidden from your eyes, a deep and complex simulation is taking place. In Radio Commander VR, every unit is described by a unique set of statistics. You will have to worry about your platoons’ morale, supplies, and even their stamina. All those factors will be important during your soldiers’ confrontations with the enemy, on unfriendly terrain, and in the extreme Vietnamese climate.

Bond with your brothers in arms – troops under your command are more than just pawns on the map. They are complicated, multi-layered human beings, with their own voices, problems, strengths, and weaknesses. Mutual trust is essential. They depend on your judgment and cool decisions, while you hope they will give their best. Discover hundreds of original dialogues and scenarios. Replay previously completed missions and alter the course of events by making different decisions and encountering different events.

Radio Commander VR is coming to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in Q1, 2021.

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