Put on your VR goggles, grab those controls, and get ready to operate an ARMZ – a heavily armed war machine of the future. ArmZ VR will launch on Steam Early Access on March 28th.

Think fast, but shoot faster in this insanely dynamic wave shooter, (with a pinch of tactics), in which you operate a huge battle mech. Defend the city gates at all costs, otherwise doomed creatures from the bottom of post-apocalyptic hell will tear you to pieces, break through the gates, and wipe the last human habitats off the face of the earth.

Add ArmZ VR to your wishlist on Steam ( to get ready for the final battle that will decide the faith of humanity.


Welcome to a world where technology has sealed our fate and finally led to the World War. Those of us who made it are now living in ruined cities behind steel gates that separate the cities from one another and from deadly creatures roaming the wastelands. The only thing that stands between us and them are the remotely controlled war machines called ARMZ. But no machine, no matter how powerful, would be of any use without, its operator.

ArmZ VR is a hellishly dynamic wave shooter that allows you to become one with a huge, heavily-armed Battle Mech! Your goal? To guard the city walls against constant attacks from horrifying human-machine hybrids. You can be sure they’ll use all their skills and weapons – and they won’t hesitate to sacrifice their life when needed, because unlike living beings, they don’t have the instinct of self preservation, only a pure will to kill.

But you have something your opponents don’t: an ARMZ war machine that adapts to your preferred combat style. Not keen on sophisticated battle tactics, strategic thinking and planning three moves ahead? Grab those miniguns, start a barrage fire, and cover the battlefield with a hail of bullets until no hostile creature is left with its head still sticking up from the ground.

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