Punk adventure game Teenage Blob gets 13th August release date + vinyl release

Game band Team Lazerbeam (Wrestling with Emotions, Snow Cones) and music band The Superweaks have announced their collaborative split release Teenage Blob will be coming to Steam (PC and on 13th August, with the help of Superhot Presents.

The Superweaks recorded six new songs. Team Lazerbeam made six new games. They tied everything together into a colourful punk rock journey towards the best night of your life where every game is synchronized with a song to create an unprecedented gaming/music experience. Expect a tale of bands, butts and bootleg battletoads.

Teenage Blob is about an amorphous teen about to see their favourite band! There’s just one problem: before the gig they want to buy some new boots, and before they can do that they’re gonna need to work their butt off! Players will help the Teenage Blob pick the perfect outfit, make some money at their part time jobs, spread positivity while skateboarding in a frogsuit and more. Check the track list below for more on each song/ game.

Features list

  • A unique music/ game hybrid!
  • 6 radical Superweaks songs & 6 genre-busting Team Lazerbeam games!
  • Combines elements of dating sims, RPGs, rhythm games & arcade classics! 
  • Hand-crafted with love and teenage punk rock dreams
Teenage Blob Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition – including vinyl, hot sauce and more

Teenage Blob will release in four different editions (2 digital and 2 limited physical editions) including the Ultimate Edition. This rare version of the game is limited to a run of 100 copies and includes the game, a sea-foam green vinyl, a printed zine, a t-shirt, a bottle of Teenage Blob-themed hot sauce and a host of digital extras. For more information on the different editions of the game, click here. 

You can find the full track list and run down of each song on the Steam page of the game. 

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