“Project Daedalus: The Long Journey” Unveiled


Hamburg/Dusseldorf, Germany, August 5, 2015 – Daedalic Entertainment and the newly launched Daedalic Studio West, today announced their first collaboration – a Space Exploration game for PC, Mac and Linux called Project Daedalus – The Long Journey Home.

Project Daedalus hurtles players into a vast galaxy full of danger, mystery and opportunity, as they struggle to find their way home after a jump drive accident that leaves them lost in deep space.

“When we started development,we used concept art by Pascal Blanché, an Art Director of international renown, for guidance, having him on board helped us to quickly get a clear vision for the project.”

Andreas Suika, Creative Director of Project Daedalus and veteran of the The Settlers series

Daedalic West, the team behind the game, has grown steadily over the last several months, with experienced developers joining the project. German industry icons were selected to help with Art and Sound, including Oswin Skomroch-Neumann (former Lead Animator of The Settlers 7) and Kai Rosenkranz (Award-winning composer of the soundtracks for the Gothic games)

“Andreas shares our love for powerful, narration-driven games and sharp attention to detail, I am certain that Project Daedalus, with its unique narrative structure, will help evolve the budding genre of Space Exploration games.”

Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO and Founder of Daedalic Entertainment.


The story

From the bridge of your ship, you see a million points of light.

Only one of them matters. Home.

It was supposed to be a short trip. Instead, mankind’s first jump-drive has accidentally flung you and your crew deep into uncharted space. Now it’s up to you to get them home alive, through a galaxy full of strange alien cultures, ancient mysteries and endless possibility.

The game

“Project Daedalus” combines the spirit of classic space adventures Starflight and Star Control II with a brand new rogue-like spin. Explore a galaxy inspired by beloved science fiction from Farscape to Firefly, jumping from system to system seeking a way back to Earth. Explore new worlds in search of allies and assistance. Endure scorching winds and lethal gravity as you mine planets for essential resources and uncover ancient relics. Seize every opportunity to survive. But beware. Every choice has consequences, both for you and the galaxy.PD_TLJH_Screen1

Luckily, you’re not alone out there. Your crew will advise you, and lend their skills in quests and decisions. With your TRANSCOM unit, you’ll also soon start making friends and allies amongst the many races. This powerful conversation system, based on questions and a growing arsenal of keywords, makes it easy to communicate, but diplomacy demands care and observation. Will you impress that warlike race by standing up to their superior firepower, or make an enemy that will haunt your every jump? Your actions are just as important. Simply making contact with your shields raised may be seen as a sign of hostility… or wisdom.

Even when you get home, your journey is just beginning. Every game offers a new galaxy, and a new adventure. Share your favourites with your friends, then head back out yourself. Your destination may be the same, but The Long Journey Home never will be.

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