Pre-E3 Pokemon Direct Announcements

Attention Pokemon fans! On June 6th, Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct made some great announcements that may excite you! While none of these are brand new Pokemon games per say, they will breathe new life into some well-loved titles by adding different modes of play, expanding stories and utilizing new controls and mobility that hadn’t been available till recently.

While this isn’t an announcement with regards to a fully fledged Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch, gamers will be treated to Pokken Tournament DX, an updated version of the Wii U title that released back in 2015. They are adding three new modes to play, 3v3 battles, ranked online play and friends only group matches. The five Pokemon faces that will be making their tournament debut are Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game will be taking advantage of the Switch’s mobility as well for gamers on the go. You can challenge other Switch users on the spot if they own the game. If they don’t, no need to worry! The game supports dual Joycon multiplayer support so anyone can play Pokken Tournament DX with you anywhere!

Also, on June 14th, Pokken Tournament DX has been added to Nintendo’s E3 Tournament lineup. This will give us an exciting sneak peek at the action coming our way September 22nd!

Speaking of September 22nd; for those craving a little Pokemon nostalgia, the original Gold and Silver will be available for 3DS via the virtual console!

Last, but certainly not least, on November 17th we will be seeing Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon on the 3DS. There will be new features added, as well as New and alternate story additions. The latter will hopefully shed some light on the ultra cool upgraded appearances of the legendary beasts Solgaleo from Sun and Lunala from Moon. They are seemingly melded with the third legendary beast Necrozma, that could only be obtained post-game after you capture all of the ultra beasts. We will have to keep our eyes peeled for more news as it develops, or bide our time until Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release on November 17th!

And with the talk of Legendaries hitting Pokemon Go this summer, It certainly is a great time to be a Pokemon Trainer!

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