Power & Revolution 2019 Edition New Update Today on Steam

Simulation, strategy, and role-playing publisher, Eversim, updates their ultimate geopolitical simulator Power & Revolution 2019 Edition on Steam today. The game is currently available on PC and will be released on Mac in a few days.

Power & Revolution 2019 Edition puts you in the head of up to 30 nations in which you can choose being government or opposition. Try to implement cohesive and effective policies that will collectively guarantee a viable future for mankind!

Power & Revolution 2019 Edition latest patch contains many geopolitical and economic data updates, including elections in Germany, France, Italy and Spain following the result of the recently held European elections. This new patch also gives you the opportunity to play Venezuela with Guaidó’s oppostition party”.

Louis-Marie Rocques, co-founder of Eversim.

Power & Revolution 2019 Edition simulates all the major perils that threaten the planet, such as global warming, the rise of populism, and cybercrime, among many others. It features over 800 top relevant political personalities such as Trump (USA), Putin (Russia), and Trudeau (Canada).

Simulations of major global threats

The game simulates all the major perils that threaten the planet and produces a comprehensive assessment for each one from the results along with specific graphics. The list of threats is substantial, many of them are interconnected, and they largely reflect the objectives of UNDP (United Nations Development Program): global warming, the widening of social inequality, the risk of global atomic war, overpopulation, unemployment, atmospheric pollution, terrorism, cybercrime,regional conflicts, food insecurity, world hunger, deforestation, natural disasters (storms, floods, drought, extreme heat…), rising sea levels, ocean acidity, disappearance of animal species, climate refugees, epidemics, endocrine-disrupting chemicals…

Global Warming

One specific scenario, “Global Warming”, based on the the goals of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), has the objective of limiting global warming to 1.5°Celsius for 2100, and to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by the year 2030. As the head of the 30 largest CO2 emitters, initiate a global energetic transition by pursuing policies on infrastructures (dismantling of thermal power industries, constructing power plants with renewable energies…), finance (taxes on petroleum products, carbon tax…), the environment, innovations(CO2 capture, development of electric vehicles…) and all while avoiding energy shortages and maintaining a balanced budget as well as social stability!

Chaos 2030

In this free-mode, futuristic game mode, nations have turned inward and have opted for more radical governments, many of whom have access to nuclear weapons. Relations between these states are strained, are sources of conflict and key international organizations have been dissolved. The fight against global warming has failed: temperature curves are showing a rise of 7° in 2100 and serious consequences are being felt. With an unprecedented economic crisis and a growth in social inequality,people are on edge, political upheavals are increasing and terrorist organizations are growing on this fertile ground of instability.

New features

  • Following to european elections, the game is taking into account the results of the 2019 European elections (France, Italy, Germany) in the electoral results calculation algorithm
  • Correction on the algorithm for calculating the estimated growth
  • Increased per-unit production of renewable energy plants (the price ratio remains the same)
  • Added the possibility of playing the Venezuelan opposition
  • Correction of the Tax Button in the Modding Tool
  • Taking into account the dates and results of the Spanish and Ukrainian elections of 2019
  • Addition of a new Ukrainian party and the face of the new Ukrainian President
  • Modification of the political situation of the regions of Abkhazia and North Ossetia in Georgia
  • Correction of the display of the number of victims of disasters when the number is immense
  • Update of the departure date of the 2019 cycling tour of France
  • Added Australian Space Agency and its launch site
  • Added a blocking in the head of the requests of a request with treaty of peace
  • Correction in the request to dismantle military camp
  • Updated data on Chinese transportation
  • Modding: corrections for the suppression and creation of terrorist groups
  • Update of the organizing cities of the world athletics championships
  • Adjustment of the outbreak equation of cholera epidemics
  • Correction of dismissals of ministers at the end of the list of government
  • Modding: taking into account the value of the modified debt
  • Update of Estonia population data
  • Integration of international discoveries for the return on the construction of the first line Hyperloop
  • Correction against a frozen budget cost
  • Adjustment of calculation of loss of popularity following ministerial scandal
  • Modding tool: modification to take into account the change of the number of soldiers in a mod
  • Correction for automatic appointment of minister in certain countries
  • Improved hunting path search algorithm based on territories overflown
  • Correction of electoral programs still unpopular in countries with budget surplus
  • Modding: correction during annexations of digital infrastructures
  • Application of an impact to the sect grant
  • Addition of defense points of tanks in battle of city
  • Correction of Speed ​​Limitation legislation in the Modding tool
  • Update of various data and elements on the map for Ukraine
  • Correction on the localization in a mod of oil rigs
  • Modification of the date of completion of certain space missions
  • Correction on the opening of the mods page following very large mods
  • Added of the city of Poitiers in France
  • Added the possibility of subsidizing the cannabis sector
  • Correction on the titles of festivals and cultural days in case of multiple creation
  • Possibility of dissolution of parliament and new elections in certain monarchies
  • Display of new energy units created in a mod on the modding tool map
  • Updated data from Brazil
  • Addition of El Dorado International Airport in Colombia
  • Modification of the political party of the French Homeland Minister of the Interior
  • Added Greek soldiers at the Nicosia military base in Cyprus
  • Correction of the News of the Motorcycle World Championship in Italian language
  • Repositioning of the Japanese nuclear power station Higashidori
  • Improvements of translations in various languages
  • Correction of the duration of construction of the wall between USA and Mexico
  • Adjustment of the calculation of the global warming curve in a scenario starting in the future
  • Preservation of strategic alliances after dismantling military camp abroad
  • Modification of the font of the country names in a mod
  • Implementation of a return to the build menu after a construction placed on the map
  • Validation of Kosovo for membership application to the EU and the European Space Agency
  • Automatic addition of a military base settlement agreement of the winning country to the defeated country in the case of a peace treaty with “Autonomous Colony”
  • Improving interest rate trading with an international lender
  • Correction on ministerial absences due to accidents
  • Modification of the unit displayed in the CO2 capture constructions panel
  • Correction on the misalignment of nationalization flags in the service sectors
  • Adjustment of discovery times for certain space and military discoveries
  • Opening of the economic sectors of alcohol after the authorization of consumption of alcohol in the country
  • Updated passenger traffic from major airports around the world
  • Adjusting the calculation of purchasing power in countries with many nationalized sectors
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