Political Drama Suzerain Is Now Available

The deeply intricate tale of political intrigue is now available for Windows PC and Mac OSX. As President, how will you lead?

Fellow Traveller and Torpor Games are thrilled to announce that Suzerain, the tale of political intrigue and nation-building, is now available on Windows PC and Mac OSX! To celebrate the launch, Suzerain is 20% off the $14.99 USD price for 1 week starting at launch.

Suzerain is set in the fictional nation of Sordland and weaves complex choices with meaningful consequences. As Sordland’s newly elected president, you have to tackle difficult decisions on issues such as immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, and more as you rebuild the country after the last, corrupt leader loses power. However, no leader can please everyone, and every choice you make will have consequences for your nation and your presidency. How will you lead?

Suzerain is now available on Windows PC and Mac OSX.

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