Pokemon Go One Year Anniversary Announcements

Pokemon GO is fast approaching its one year anniversary! What a whirlwind year it has been! There has been countless additions and reworks to the mobile game as well as great events to give us more reasons to get outside and have some fun. So what better way to celebrate Pokemon GO’s one-year milestone, not to mention the appearance of nicer weather, by having another major event in game and live events hosted around the world!

The Solstice event is set to begin on June 13th and will create some amazing opportunities. It will see boosts in XP earned for accurate throws and the shop will present a discount on the highly coveted Lucky Eggs. Last but certainly not least is the amped up catch rates for Fire and Ice-type Pokemon. This can be highly welcomed news for those still after the elusive Sneasel or perhaps those working on their Typhlosion evolution. Also, sometime after the event, there will be a group centric update, with rumors circulating that this could be the Gym revamp promised by Niantic. To further add to the rumor, reports state that Gyms will be down for approximately three days and your Pokemon will be returned back to you during this time. Niantic has stated that they were not happy with the current state of the Gym battles and announced months ago that we should see some change to this system soon.

Make sure to check back soon for further updates as they become available.

Then there is Pokemon GO Fest. This event is launching in the beautiful Grant Park located in downtown Chicago Illinois on July 22nd and will be seeing some fun and exciting festivities. If you are wanting to make the trip to celebrate, you can snag some tickets and more information at when it is available on June 19th. Report indicate that the event is set to host up to 12,000 Pokemon GO players, most likely those traveling from all over the world.

For our across seas fellow trainers and those who love world travel, Europe will be hosting live events across the continent. They will be taking place from June to September and are in partnership with Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers.

In Yokohama Japan in August, The Pokemon Company will be orchestrating an event called “Pikachu Outbreak!” which will also be delving into some unique Pokemon GO experiences.

Get ready for an exciting summer fellow Pokemon trainers and keep your eyes peeled for more news and updates!

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