Phantom Dust releases free on Xbox One and Windows 10

When the development studio of the Phantom Dust reboot was shutdown, many thought this would have been the end of bringing back Phantom Dust, an action based game on the original Xbox that used cards as a form of powers and abilities. While that reboot may still happen later on down the road, Microsoft has since looked to bring Phantom Dust back as an HD remaster, and it releases today on Xbox One and Windows 10, absolutely free.

Head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, recently tweeted that the game would see a release today on Xbox One and Windows 10 and be part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program, where you will have access to it regardless of gaming on Windows 10 or on Xbox One.

The Phantom Dust remaster was revealed during last year’s E3 and stated that the game would use original assets¬†but support the current version of Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

The remaster will see some visual improvements, changes to the single player campaign, and a progression system that will allow you to skip missions should you fail at them three times.

I personally loved Phantom Dust back in the day and urge you all to at least check it out, because hey, it’s free!

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