'Pests & Puppies' DLC to Crossroads Inn will be available today!

Klabater is pleased to announce that the first DLC to Crossroads Inn, Pests & Puppies, will début on Steam today (2,99 USD). Veterans of the game probably already know how to deal with rats, but this time they will face a completely new challenge …

The Pests & Puppies DLC introduces to the game numerous pets and pests. Players will have the opportunity to recruit to their team a number of domesticated animals that will improve the process of running the inn. They will also help drive away intruders and alert bodyguards! The DLC includes 5 dog breeds and 4 cat ones, all of which will appeal to different social groups visiting the inn. There will also be wild animals such as boars and foxes, as well as irritating bugs and lice attacking our clients. And somewhere in the roadside thickets there may even be lurking a beast straight from Delcrysian legends…
The DLC includes adoptable pets:

  • 5 dog breeds favoured by different social groups
  • 4 cat breeds favoured by different social groups

and bothersome pests, including:

  • foxes
  • boars
  • sparrows
  • lice
  • woodworms

…and that’s not all!

Furthermore, don’t forget to equip your inn properly! Set up dog kennels and cat beds, and install new traps to scare off uninvited quests. Also, make sure that the pet food bowls are never empty!

2020 will be crucial for Crossroads Inn brand. On the one hand, we are planning a package of additional DLCs, which we promised the players last year – we start fulfilling these promises with a very nice add-on that introduces domestic animals and pests to our inn. On the other hand, a dedicated team is still working on improving the basic version of the game. Fans hope that additions will appear in accordance with the announced schedule, but at the same time they expect our commitment to releasing current game patches. Both tasks are extremely important to us because they build players’ trust. The Crossroads Inn community is growing every month making this title our flagship project for which we take full responsibility. We are not going to give up in any of the fields.

Łukasz Mach, Marketing Director at Klabater.
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