Party Hard: New Trailer And Preview Build of Party Ranch Level now available

Since the announcment of Party Hard back at PAX East, the game about murdering your neighbors has taken plenty of twists and turns. And bears.

Today we’re revealing a brand new level variation called The Party Ranch — and you can give it a play right now. The Party Ranch has plenty of new elements to experiment with, including:

  • Fangirls who follow you around and won’t leave you alone
  • Rockers who get together and smash rooms to bits
  • Bears in sunglasses who run rampant through the ranch
  • Trucks with faulty handbrakes
  • Barbecues that have a tendency to unleash fireballs
  • Plenty more deadly traps

If you plan to stream the Party Ranch, fire us a tweet @tinyBuild — we’d love to watch you attempt to kill everyone (and all the chickens).

Party Hard at E3
Party Hard is due to be finished around the time that E3 happens in June, so we’re planning to show off the final build at the show before the full game launches a month or two later.

Are you planning to go to E3? We’d love to show you the final build of Party Hard, along with a few other big titles we have on the way in the coming months. Just hit me back at if you’d like to meet us and play at E3.

About Party Hard
Party Hard is a semi-procedural game about stabbing your loud neighbors. You play as a nameless psychopath who one night has had enough of his neighbors listening to loud music. Instead of calling the police, he decides to end the party by killing everyone at it.

Things take both darker and lighter tones as the game takes you through a dozen levels – from standard house parties, to fabulous parties on rooftops or at ranches.

The game is being developed by Pinokl Games in close collaboration with tinyBuild. Pinokl are known in the casual games space. They’ve been making family-friendly games for years, and Party Hard is the result of the team’s first game jam participation. After winning Indie Prize Amsterdam’s Critic’s Choice Award, Pinokl Games partnered up wtih tinyBuild to bring the game to Steam this summer. Other platforms to follow.


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