Party Hard: New details, screenshots, dancing bears

dca34d58-aa15-4192-b520-3e53abba6b5ftinyBuild Games announced stabby-stabby dance simulator Party Hard last week — a game all about trying to kill your loud neighbors without getting caught. Now we are going to delve deeper into the direction they are taking with the game.

Here’s the new Party Hard deets:

  • The game will have a dozen unique stages with variations in each one
  • You will be able to create multi-layered murder scenarios (getting the bear dancing is not an easy one-step task)
  • Sometimes backstabbing won’t be an option
  • We’re pulling together a gorgeous soundtrack for you to flex your stabbing arm to

With Party Hard, tinyBuild are focusing on the most hilarious murder scenarios possible. Serious business this is not.
Party Hard: A Primer
Party Hard is being developed by Pinokl Games in Ukraine, a developer that spent years creating family friendly games. When they participated in a recent game jam they turned to their dark sides, and Party Hard was born. We have that small demo available for you on theofficial press page, along with more screenshots and content – including a Let’s Play tinyBuild did on the Twitch stage with Jesse Cox during PAX East.

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Now with tinyBuild’s support, Pinokl Games are working on making their first indie (non-family-friendly) game. Party Hard is shaping up to be a very unique, controversial game that’s coming to Steam and mobile platforms later this year.

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