Out now: Flip a creepy 1970s home in Red Aphid’s *The House on Usher* (iPad/Android tablets)

ykZlTkOCreated by Red Aphid, an indie developer hailing from Maryland, The House on Usher has players take on the role of bright-eyed realtor Agent Angie Dee who must “flip” a mysterious ramshackle house during her first day on the job at Homer Echers Real Estate. As Angie, the player explores the property, cleans it up, and gets on the path to riches . . . assuming everything goes according to plan! The House on Usher includes many “groovy” pop culture references from the decade of disco and plenty of offbeat humor for discerning players.
Brian Judy, co-founder, “The House on Usher has a satirical aspect that players are sure to pick up on – starting with the title, which is a clear nod to Edgar Allan Poe. We had a ton of fun thinking of ways to spoof some of the genre’s staples – like the need to investigate every nook and cranny in order to secure a high score. If you’re up for an adventure in real estate, now is the time. You don’t want to keep *this* house waiting.”

* A hidden object mystery with an irreverent sensibility
* Full of quirky characters and silly gags
* Find bugs and cobwebs to increase the house’s resale value
* Easy and “more easier” modes for the puzzle-challenged
* Test your knowledge of 1970s pop culture!
* Zoom and hints to help you investigate every nook and cranny

The House on Usher is free to download and play. The ground floor is unlocked from the beginning—but if the player chooses to go upstairs, the remainder of the house can be purchased for a one-time fee of $3.99.

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Red Aphid specializes in high-end casual and social games. The founders, Brian and Laura Judy, see games not only as a great medium for entertainment but also as stupendously effective communication channels. Red Aphid makes games about society, things people do, what they care about, and what we need to do to make the world a better place. And if the studio can add a little silliness, why not? To learn more about Red Aphid, please visit

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