Our PaxPrime 2015 Daily blog – Updated Sunday August 30th

Wednesday August 26, 2015

David – Pax Day -1

We woke up about 3:45am MST.  Eager to go to Pax, and about an hour earlier than we were expecting to wake up.  We quickly dressed, packed up the car, and headed out, our long journey begins.  A short stop at Mcdonalds for a coffee and a coke, we hit the hi-way and started heading south.  Several hours later we made a short pitstop in Fernie BC to refuel Ruby (aka the car), and a quick stop to the restroom, and we were good to go again.

About 10am PST we crossed the border at Kingsgate.  Everything has been smooth sailing so far, aside from  the somewhat thick smoke that filled the air.  We continued to drive, stopping again only in Spokane for another load of fuel and to empty our bladders.  We were making great time.

We continued to drive until arriving at Kent WA by around 5pm PST.  We located our hotel room and checked in for the night.  A few friends had asked us to pick up some ‘non-available in Canada’ items from the local shops and then we stopped for supper.  Early to bed tonight, with a busy day of sight seeing and picking up our passes tomorrow.


Thursday August 27, 2015

Tali – Pax Day 0

Our day started at about 9:00am PST. We quickly got ready and packed up all of our stuff. We decided to check and see if we could check into our new hotel early. After we checked in we were off to Walmart to grab some more non Canadian items and maybe find some new clothes. After about an hour of shopping we were getting pretty hangry so it was off to IHOP for brunch. After IHOP it was time to go back to the hotel to drop off our leftovers and shopping items.

At 1pm PST we were off to Seattle to grab our passes!! We finally found the parking garage we wanted after getting lost in downtown Seattle. We walked over to the Grand Hyatt to grab them. We waited in line until someone came over and asked for any media people, we were like ya us!! It was straight to the front of the line for us!


After grabbing our passes it was off to Pike Place Market for some window shopping and crossing something off of my bucket list. If you have never been it is a must see. It is crazy how cheap, fresh and beautiful everything is! If only my bank account had limitless funds. We walked to the waterfront and looked out at the wonderful ocean.

A short walk down the waterfront was the Seattle Aquarium which was our next stop. I loved the fresh sea air and all the different species of sea life. You can touch sea urchins and star fish (neither David or I did though). We watched the sea otters for quite awhile. The trainers were feeding them and training the youngest one to use a puffer as he was just diagnosed with asthma (who knew sea otters could get asthma- but they can). After going through all the different exhibits we headed back to the Convention Center. Many stairs and hills later we arrived back at WSCC. A quick stop at Taco Del Mar for a Mucho Burrito for David and a cheese Quesadilla for myself were off to Safeway in Kent for snacks and lunches for the next few days as we decided to stick to our newly adapted healthier lifestyle. After another hour of shopping we were headed back to the hotel for a quiet evening.

We are super stoked for PAX Prime tomorrow. Our first stop is going to be the Bethesda booth to check out Fallout 4 then off to get our t-shirts!! Busy day after that with a panel at noon followed by 6 interviews (including Wargaming and tinyBuild) followed by another panel that evening.

Happy Gaming Everyone!

Friday August 28, 2015

David – Pax Day 1

Well the 1st day of pax is officially over for us, and we are dog tired.  I don’t know how we will manage over the next 2 days, plus a 14hr drive home, but we will, because we love this expo so much.

Today started early, with us waking up and prepping for the day, a quick breakfast in the hotel room, and packing up the cooler with food for lunch/snacks for today we headed out towards Seattle.  Traffic was crazy, but we eventually made it.  We entered with the 1hr Media/press early access hour, and made a quick stop at the Bethesda booth hoping to see some stuff for Fallout 4.  Unfortunately we didn’t see much for Fallout 4, just some stuff for Fallout Shelter, and Dishonored 2.  Making our way a little about the expo hall we stopped in with Wargaming and played some World of Warships and World of Tanks.  Earning a T-shirt and talking with the people there.  Afterwards we made our way to the Behemoth booth and played some games there (They had free coffee for press).

We decided to walk around the upper levels with the indie booths and kind of find of the booths we will need to visit later in the day.  Our first interview was with Roccat, showing off their new mouse, the Nyth.  This interesting mouse is designed for MMO’s with lots of customizable buttons, but they can also be removed and changed in order to suit your needs.  A very cool mouse, we’ll see if we can do a review of one later on.

A stop back upstairs to see The Repopulation and Armello before heading back down to our scheduled meeting with Wargaming.  Lots of cool stuff coming from them, including Masters of Orion a reboot of the classic game from days gone by.

We tried some oculus VR stuff with Pollen (It made me queasy) and then visited tinyBuild and demo’d Party Hard.  Our night topped off with a Panel from io Interactive with their panel on Hitman, where we got to see some actual game play footage from the new upcoming game in 2016.  Quite tired now, and we have an early day again tomorrow, with more interviews to go.


Saturday August 29, 2015

Tali – Pax Day 2

Day 2 was the best day so far. Both and David and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone we met today. The day started off with some pop tarts (flavours that we can not get in Canada of course!) and a banana. We left the hotel around 8 to get gas and head out to Seattle.  Traffic was so much better today.  Our interviews started right at 10am at the Versus Evil booth. We were scheduled to demo Banner Saga 2, neither of us had played the first one so after a quick back story we were off and running on the demo.  Once we were done we went to thank them and one of the devs asked if we had time to see any of their other games, so we ended up checking out Guild of Dungeonerring, a turn based tactical card game currently released on Steam.

Next up was Deep Silver where we got to check out the intense trailer for Homefront: The Revolution and This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Both games look wonderful. Having once again never played them they definitely peeked my interest and will be on my list to look into playing more.

Excitement ensued now as we were off to meet THE OATMEAL !!!! Don’t know who The Oatmeal is?? One of the creators of Exploding Kittens. We backed them in there extremely successful kickstarter. They are the record holder for most backed Kickstarter of all time (to date at least). If you have a chance check them out!!

After a quick bite we still had some time to kill before our next interview so it was a perfect time for some flybys. We met Marc from Skreens, actually it was his aunt who got us to stop by. Marc (aka The Guru) had an awesome idea to develop a device to allow you to have multiple pictures on 1 screen. So the kids could be watching a TV show while someone else is playing on the X-Box, while watching your sleeping baby on a security camera in the other room. One of his examples was an elderly gentleman liked to watch TV so much and he would forget about his oxygen tank and the tank would go empty therefore sending him to the hospital as he would not check his tank. So Marc wanted to design a device where he could see the battery level on the TV while watching his shows. As a family that has 5 children this device really spoke to us. It will be out on Kickstarter in September; starting with a 2 port one and there is also a 4 port one. And don’t worry Marc has thought ahead and has some secrets up his sleeve so that the device will not become outdated 6 months after purchase.  Ensure you check them out on Kickstarter (keep an eye out on our website, Twitter or Facebook for when they go live).

After a quick stop at Assault Android Cactus we were off to see one of the most sought after demo’s Minecraft: Storymode. After the 2 level demo that introduced you to the characters and basic layout of the game we met with one of the creative directors from Telltale Games. We geeked out for a bit while listening to him and could have stood there for the rest of the day chatting with him. Once we peeled ourselves away from him we were off to meet with one of the creators of Mekazoo.

Our last stop of the day was at the Sheraton with a bunch of the D&D: Sword Coast team. Now not going to lie, I have never played anything even remotely close to D&D.  Once I told the team this they got excited as they could get an unbiased opinion on the game. And after a quick game (20 minutes) I must say I have been converted – probably not the table top D&D but I could definitely see myself playing the PC version. I told my daughter (a newly D&D player) that I played it and would like to play it with her when we got home and she may have shrieked with excitement.

Home time… well back to our hotel. We are bushed after stopping at Walmart AGAIN (hopefully for the last time). We are now all packed except for what we need tomorrow and are heading to bed for a long day tomorrow. We have 6 more interviews from 10am to 1pm, then it’s a 14 hour drive home. Energy drinks will be our best-friend tomorrow – well that and music.

Happy Gaming!!



Sunday August 30, 2015

David – Pax Day 3

I’m actually writing this part of the blog on Monday, as Sunday was a complete mess for us, but in a good way.  We started our day off with a quick bite at Subway in the convention center (This is after packing up, and checking out of our hotel in Kent) Once the expo hall opened , we stopped by the Minecraft: Story Mode booth in order to get the daily T-Shirt from them, then headed over to Razer for our first interview of the day.  They were kind enough to sequester us away in a private room inside their booth to limit the amount of background noise we had.  We met with the designer of their new line of tournament edition Razer Xbox One game controllers which was amazing.  Very robust, extra triggers and switches to change the triggers and bumpers to a lower amount of movement in order to make them work faster for you.  They reinforced the thumbsticks with Carbon steel so they won’t wear out or break as much either.  They really thought of a lot in order to make these controllers stand up to the rigors of tournament gaming on the Xbox One.

Next we were shown the  Nabu/Nabu X intelligent bracelets.  These are similar to a fitbit bracelet, except these are made for gamers.  While the Nabu is a very cool bracelet, complete with screen for reading out texts, emails and notifications from either a Android or an iOS smartphone, the Nabu X was a Pax Prime only exclusive, with a limited run of only 2,000, which could be obtained only at Pax.  These Pax blue bands do everything the normal Nabu does, but without the screen.  Razer was kind enough to offer us 2 samples for us to have as press swag, and we have been wearing ours proudly.

We then discussed some of the other Razer products, like their gamepad, keyboard, mouse and mousepad.  Razer makes some very amazing and cool gamer products.  Anyone who’s used any of their products knows what quality that they provide.  I definitely look forward to purchasing Razer products in the future.

Our next stop was the Wargaming booth for our daily t-shirt.  Once that was done we stopped by the Devolver booth and demo’d 5 different games made my independent developers.  A couple that stood out for us was Bro Force and Hard West.  Bro Force  is a shoot-em-up side scrolling arcade game with characters based on the 80’s super action heros like Commando, Rambo, Chuck Norris.  The objective is to fight through the level, rescue the “Bro” and then escape on the helicopter. This 4 player co-op game is intense as the entire level is destructible, with the exception of the American flag.  It can get hectic quite fast, and you can loose sight of where your character is, but it is great, silly fun.

Hard West is a turn based strategic western gun slinger game, the objective for our Pax demonstration was to take your band of 2, sneak into the cannibalistic camp, rescue your partner and then kill all the cannibals.  Very similar in aspects to the game “Invisible Inc” that I reviewed earlier (Link to review is here) it is an enjoyable game, and definetly one to look into further.

Once we finished there, we began our 14hr journey home.  We finally made it at almost 5am, and we’re very tired, but it was so very worth every hour of lost sleep.

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