Other Ocean Launches the First ‘Made for Myo’ Game: Kaiju Carnage

ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR – Mar 25, 2015 – Other Ocean Group, developer of award-winning games, in partnership with Thalmic Labs, today launched Kaiju Carnage; a new and dynamic PC game controlled by the Myo Armband. In Kaiju Carnage, players use the recently launched Myo armband, a gesture control device, to manipulate and control a giant Kaiju to destroy cities using its massive claws, crushing fists, and nuclear death laser.

KaijuCarnage2Kaiju Carnage makes use of the Myo armband’s highly sensitive motion sensor, combined with gesture recognition, to turn the player’s arm into a Kaiju claw. Make a fist to blow up buildings, shoot laser beams from the palm of your hand, and slash through buildings and enemies with the swing of your arm.

“Harnessing the power of the Myo armband to bring Kaiju Carnage to gaming audiences is the type of challenge our company thrives on,” said Other Ocean CEO Andrew Ayre.  “We love partnering with companies such as Thalmic Labs who are at the forefront of interface technology, and we look forward to watching players get their hands on this new and unique experience.”

Kaiju Carnage is available for download at Myo Market. The Myo armband can be purchased for $199 USD on


About Other Ocean:

Other Ocean is an independently operated development studio and maker of highly entertaininOtherOceang games for console, mobile and digital platforms. Founded in 2006 with a focus on developing humorous original titles (#IDARBRad Boarding, Dark Void Zero) and franchise products (Super Monkey BallYu-Gi-Oh!Mortal Kombat), Other Ocean’s games always put the player first. The company has development offices in Emeryville, CA, and St. John’s, Newfoundland and a quality assurance group (Sculpin QA) located on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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