One Button Streaming Headed to Skreens


With 19 days to go, the Skreens Kickstarter has already hit over $318,000 surpassing their goal by 1272%! Because of this, Skreens has just announced a new stretch goal.

At TwitchCon the Skreens crew heard from the top streamers and Twitch directly that there’s an issue they would love solved — compressing and streaming from any device without needing a compression card and a PC. Their engineering team took on this challenge and we’re thrilled to announce that they have a solution.  If Skreens hits this stretch goal, they will add dedicated H.264 compression hardware supporting both main and high profiles, 10920x1080p60 with IP network RTMP push to Twitch or YouTube.

This will be the first dedicated video hardware that will allow up to 4 simultaneous HD signal sources with video compositing, transparency, chroma-key, layering, resize, repositioning and HTML background for and other custom scenes all within 1 frame time (average 10ms). No capture card required, no extra PC required! Simply Amazing!!

So if you have not checked out Skreens on kickstarter, do so now, and see what the future of gaming has in store.

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