‘Offensive Combat: Redux!’ Launches on Steam

Three Gates and SlapShot Games today released Offensive Combat: Redux!™, on Steam. The game is $19.99 and €17.99 in North America and Europe respectively and has a promotion of 10 percent for people the pick up the game during launch week. Offensive Combat: Redux!™ is a fast-paced, frenetic online FPS game that lets players show their skill and play as a number of different unique characters including Commandos, Aliens, Geckos, Chickens, Orcs, Pirates, Disco Stars, and even Drumpf! They’ll gear up with dozens of insane weapons and take on Killer Robots in single player mode, join friends in Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, and jump into the chaos of free-for-all combat in Deathmatch. The game is available in Europe and North America for Windows-based PCs initially, with additional regions and console versions planned.

VIP Founder’s Rewards

Additionally, through the end of August, people that purchase the game and log in during the month of August, will receive an exclusive set of VIP Founder’s avatar parts. These special in-game items will show which players have been around from the start. Included is a special edition Gold Disco Ball Head, 2 Gold VIP Jackets (1 Female and 1 Male), Gold Pants, Gold Shoes and you guessed it, Gold Gloves. Players will be so gold, people will be telling them to watch out or they’ll OG!

  • 6 Maps (with more in the works)
  • Weapons, Weapons, Weapons – Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Handguns, Melee Weapons
  • Hundreds of Avatar Parts – Show your unique character as you chose from more than 40 character heads, chests, legs, arms and feet and more than 1,000 combinations at launch
  • Multiple Pwns – Teabag your enemies after you kill them for extra rewards and random drops
  • Power-ups – find time-limited power-ups in game including Chainguns, Armor, Double Damage Modifiers, Rocket Launchers, and more
  • Multiplayer Game Modes
    • Deathmatch (2-12 Players)
    • Team Deathmatch (4-16 Players)
    • Capture the Flag (4-16 Players)
  • Single Player Modes
  • Killer Bot Mode
  • Map Exploration Mode
  • Weapon Range

Current Map List

  • Burninator- A lava filled citadel in ruins. Grab some armor and get to the top of the map for the best vantage point
  • Courtyard- An Asian temple with Dragon Statues and Koi ponds that keeps you moving
  • Dry Run – A desert themed town that features plenty of sniping spots and three paths that make this a favorite for Capture-The-Flag games
  • Probetown – The Aliens have landed in suburbia and they’re beaming you up to pick up power-ups like armor and the Chaingun!!
  • Slums – A run down section of a city that features sniping spots and close quarters choke points as well as all of the power-ups and ammo crates
  • Turbine – A futuristic energy plant with multiple towers and lots of places to battle it out


About Three Gates AB

Founded in 2010, Three Gates was born out of Sweden’s prestigious university system where many of the core team members first met while creating high-end simulations for industries and governments, as well as games. The company initially focused on work-for-hire projects and quickly became one of the best teams working within Unity 3D while finishing projects that needed expert firefighting in coding and design. The company has developed games for PC and mobile, including 8 to Glory: Bull Riding and Legends of Aethereus, before setting its sights on its current slate of titles. Three Gates is currently working on multiple original IP projects including MainStream Fishing, and Offensive Combat: Redux! For more information, please visit:

About SlapShot Games

Founded in late 2016 by game industry veterans, SlapShot Games, LLC. is a video game publishing company that takes a similar approach to games as professional hockey players take to their craft. Through hard work, training, years of experience and “game sense” we’re capable of picking IP and games that are generational, and bring them to the market. Our goal is to publish great games that we, and millions of others, want to play. We’re working hard to reach this goal with talented partners, and world class IP and licenses. For more information, check out:

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