NGE Launches BattleRekt’ Esports Tournament with Twitch and Stunlock Studios

NGE the leading North American esports company; Stunlock Studios, creators of Battlerite and Bloodline Champions; and social video platform Twitch announced today the return of BattleRekt with BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds.

Beginning today, players can sign up for any of the ten weekly BattleRekt tournaments. BattleRekt will feature North American as well as European tournaments in which players will compete in a 3v3 format, vying for a piece of the $20,000 total prize pool.

NGE will produce, direct, and broadcast BattleRekt exclusively on Twitch from its studios in Burbank, California.

“It’s great to be able to support our competitive players through NGE’s ongoing efforts with BattleRekt, we’re excited to partner with NGE and Twitch to support our competitive scene. Best of luck to all the competitors!” – Alexander Hermansson, Esports Manager at Stunlock Studios.

“This company is happy to have helped pioneer Battlerite as an esport, and very excited to be taking the show to the next level with BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds.” – Andy Vander Woude, CEO and co-founder of NGE

“We’re excited to work with Stunlock Studios and NGE to give Battlerite fans a show that reflects their love for the game,” said Robin Johansson, Esports Program Manager at Twitch. “Previous Battlerekt tournaments have been a joy to watch and we’re excited to see how far the players can push the competitive play over the next 10 weeks.”

BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds begins on May 3rd at 10:00 AM PST for EU and 5:00 PM PST for NA, and continues through July 2017. BattleRekt will be streamed live, exclusively on Twitch at For additional broadcast information and to signup, visit the official BattleRekt website at

About Stunlock Studios

Founded in 2010 in Skövde, Sweden, Stunlock Studios is a development studio dedicated to
competitive gaming. Its games Battlerite and Bloodline Champions are available on PC. For
more information, visit

About NGE

NGE (Next Generation Esports) is a premier independent esports production company. NGE
produces high quality live-streamed competitive gaming broadcasts and events with a growing
catalog of top esports titles from partners including Blizzard, Psyonix, Super Evil Megacorp,
Supercell, and Stunlock Studios. NGE was founded in 2015 by industry veterans with a passion
for creating premium esports entertainment. Broadcasting from its studios in Burbank,
California, NGE strives to unify gamers as competitors, spectators, and community. For more
information, visit

About Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each day, millions
of community members gather to watch, talk, and chat about shared interests. Twitch’s video
platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for all types of content,
including the entire video game ecosystem, the creative arts, vlogging (IRL), and more. Twitch
also runs TwitchCon, the annual convention that celebrates the Twitch community. For more
information about Twitch, visit our Press Center, Twitter feed (#Twitch), and Blog.

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