New Story Trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth Invites You To the Horrors of the Algerian Desert and Shows Off New Game Environments

Listen to Salim, one of the surviving crew members of the Cassandra, as you enjoy an early look at some of the environments from Amnesia: Rebirth, the most anticipated horror game of the year by Swedish developer Frictional Games.

Amnesia: Rebirth is launching on October 20th on PC and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders are available on Steam,, Epic Games Store, and PlayStation Store.

About Amnesia

Amnesia: The Dark Descent revolutionized the first-person horror experience when launched in 2010, and kickstarted an entire genre of survival horror games. Launching on October 20, 2020, Amnesia: Rebirth promises to bring back what worked in the original title while building a deeper narrative experience. A new descent into darkness; a harrowing journey that will leave a lasting mark on players for years to come. 

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