New Shadowgate Update filled with tricks and treats – Now available at 40% OFF

A Treasure Trove of Improvements, New Game Modes, and
New Features Await Adventure Gamers


Twain Harte, California – October 30, 2014 – Zojoi, an indie developer of adventure games, and Reverb Triple XP announced today that a huge update to the adventure game Shadowgate is now available on Steam. Among the plethora of added features and game modes, the update is highlighted by a new Halloween-themed side quest – The Dread Pumpkin Quest.  To celebrate this incredible update, Shadowgate is taking part in the Steam Halloween Sale and is now available for $11.99 (40% discount off SRP) from Thursday, October 30 until Monday, November 3.

Watch the new Shadowgate update trailer HERE:

Thanks in part to the valuable feedback from fans and writers, we’ve made numerous additions and updates that new and veteran gamers will really enjoy,” states Karl Roelofs, Design Director at Zojoi. “We’ve tried our best to include things to improve the experience for beginners as well as new challenging options for veterans of the game. We’re especially happy with our new wheel/icon based command system and had a lot of fun designing the Dread Pumpkin Quest, which is an homage to ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’ Gamers will spend plenty of time in Castle Shadowgate with all the new content we’ve packed in this update.”


The Shadowgate update includes the following features:

  • Alternate Command System: In addition to the Classic/Retro command system, a new wheel icon-based system has been added. Immersive (Hide UI) mode, keybinds and locking are still available in this mode.
  • Brand New Halloween Themed Side-Quest: The ‘Dread Pumpkin Quest’ sends gamers on a mysterious and festive quest to find and release a terrifying spirit.
  • Casual Game Mode: Perfect for those unfamiliar with the Shadowgate universe, this game mode is very forgiving, offers unlimited torch life, and generally keeps the Grim Reaper at bay.
  • Ironman Mode: Made for the true hardcore Shadowgate player; in this mode, saved games are disabled, requiring players to complete their grand adventure in one sitting.
  • Tutorials and Hints Changes: The tutorials and hint text have been overhauled to be even more helpful.
  • Show All Objects: For those who want a bit of help, this key bind highlights all objects in a room.
  • Retro Graphics Option: A pixelated filter has been added for those who wish to play the game in retro graphics mode. This fun extra is easily turned on and off in the settings or via a keybind.
  • Quick Load Option: This additional keybind is for quick loading a saved game.
  • UI Elements: The UI elements are adjusted in size to offer more visibility of each area. Also, the Load/Save dialogues have been relocated for ease of use.
  • Additional Achievements: 10 new achievements that include Gotta Catch Them All, Ironman, Seven Angry Dwarven Miners, Signal the Castle, Book Collector, Pyromaniac and Pumpkin Hunter.
  • Adjustments to “USE” command: The USE command now requires only one click to work on stationary objects like levers.
  • Destroyable Objects: Key objects cannot be destroyed in easier difficulty settings.
  • Settings screens: Added a third volume slider for cut scenes, revamped the options screen and added additional keybinds.
  • Misc.: Various improvements to puzzles, graphics and text.

Regularly available for $19.99, Shadowgate is now available on Steam for both PC and Mac for the limited sale price of $11.99 during the Steam Halloween Sale.  The Special Edition of Shadowgate is also available for the special sale price of $19.79 (34% discount off SRP). Shadowgate is now available on Steam for both PC and Mac for $19.99. For more information about Shadowgate, please visit, follow the development team on Twitter and “Like” Shadowgate on Facebook.


Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia, Zojoi is an independent game developer helmed by industry legends Karl Roelofs and Dave Marsh, whose first title Shadowgate was a smash success on the original Apple Macintosh. The duo went on to create the other titles in the popular MacVenture series (Déjà Vu, Déjà Vu II, and Uninvited) and ported these timeless classics to no less than 10 other platforms. Zojoi’s mission is to create memorable gaming experiences, with remakes of their renowned originals or entirely new properties.

Reverb Triple XP provides a spectrum of services customized to focus on the needs of indie game developers.  Triple XP titles stand out with excellent gameplay, creative design, and that elusive fun factor. Once identified, Reverb’s team of game industry veterans partner with the indie dev team, fully understand the game by actually playing it and provide world class marketing, PR, social, production and distribution services that are fitting for games of the highest quality. A cornerstone of the programs is that the developer retains creative control and ownership of its intellectual property as well as receiving a custom solution tailored to their exact needs.  Each year, only a handful of titles are chosen to be in Reverb Triple XP, prioritizing quality over quantity.


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