Narborion Saga Fame Contest

logo_finalWith Narborion Saga being available on three platforms now (Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire) it is time to invite you all to our first Fame Contest. You can win a Kindle Fire HD 7, a Kindle Paperwhite and other prizes!

The rules are simple: you have to start a new game, name your character so that it contains the word “contest” and upload your fame at the very end of the book.

The owners of highest three Fame Points will receive the main prizes, while everybody above 400 and 500 Fame Points will receive gifts. Also, please don’t forget to save a bookmark there as you’ll be able to transfer your character to Book 2 only via your bookmarks.

The contest starts now and ends on the 31st of January, 2015. You can find the prizes and the detailed rules here.

Beta Testers Wanted for Book 2

They are not resting during the holidays. They are already working on Book 2, with an improved and more fluent reading experience, background music, a more challenging story, more spells, more monsters, more riddles (with hints) and a brand new combat system that will resemble tabletop RPGs as much as possible. If you have an eye for details and you feel that you can add your opinion to the game to make it better, please join them as a beta tester!

They heard your voice and will make changes! They will significantly upgrade the traveling system so you won’t have to buy horses all the time. Also, they will concentrate more on proof reading and copy-editing. They thank you all for your valuable feedback! Let them know if you have any more suggestions!

Beta testing will start late February and will last for 10 days, during which period you will have exclusive access to Book 2 in return for your valuable opinion. If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to with the specs of your device. We’ll accept the first 50 players with keeping device diversity in mind.


Bardic Contest

They know there’s a writer inside you. Every core role-player fantasized about writing a short story or a novel at least once. If you ever had this feeling, please join our Bardic Contest! The job is simple: write a short story not longer than a single page about Lord Kelinor, Danyilo or Brion.

They will honor the best writers by publishing their work in the appropriate chapter of Book 2 and they’ll give them 1,000 Gold Coins to be spent in Book 2. Show your writing skills to the world!

Please visit their Facebook page as well! They will post information regularly that might help during the contest, like places where lots of Fame points tend to lurk, or what not to do in a situation to avoid losing them.

And there are also some bad news… Unfortunately Apple made them delete the promotion code system from iOS-based devices as it violated their rules and regulations. They’ll figure out something for the 2nd Book, they promise.

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