Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is available to download on Google Play and Amazon!

Narborion Saga Book II: The God of Orcs is available to download on Google Play and Amazon.The iOS release for iPhone and iPad is arriving in a couple of weeks! We will let you know once it’s available on the Appstore.


Key new features of Book II:

  • a turn-based battle system built into the story
  • a separate Battle Arena with over 50 stand-alone combats
  • option to upload your own carefully painted lead figurine or favorite paper mini into the game
  • riddles, anagrams and secret codes
  • hints and suggestions
  • dynamic character development
  • new spells and effects
  • new monsters with nasty special abilities
  • create and sell weapons

Side-Quests and new Arena Combats will arrive every month!

The game features in-app purchase if pay-as-you-go is your style, but a “full unlock” item is also available so you no longer have to worry about Gold Coins!

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