Narborion Saga Book 1 MAJOR UPDATE coming soon

A Major update to Book 1 is coming!Narborion-Saga-1

The largest update ever is coming to Narborion Saga Book 1. You will be able to play the first adventure with the new SagaScribe engine, which we used for the 2nd book, The God of Orcs. The update will start rolling out on Android and Kindle Fire early next week, with Apple devices to follow a week after.

New features:

  • New grid-based combat system
  • Improved enemies with different strategies
  • Arena with 45 different fights
  • New special abilities for your undead opponents to make your life more complicated, including Energy Drain, Mana rain, Fear, Damage Reduction and Magic Resistance
  • New monetization: beginning with this update, there will be only 1 in-app item in Book 1 you can purchase: the Full Unlock Mode. It will give tons of Gold Coins and it will increase the size of loots and hidden treasures. Bookmarks and travels will be free and so on. It will also unlock the Arena combats above Easy level.
  • You will be able to use your existing Bookmarks and saved character (including his/her Gold Coins) after the Update.

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