Narborion 3 Announced! – New project with Richard K. Morgan

The 3rd volume of Narborion Saga will be available to download late June, early July! Your hero will visit the Swamp of Thousand Paths on a quest by Lady Watawan. New monsters, new challenges, new spells and new items are waiting!

A multi-player gamebook based on A Land Fit For Heroes trilogy with Richard K. Morgan is coming in October!
In collaboration with Gollancz, an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, we announced today that a new handheld fantasy adventure app, based on the bestselling Richard Morgan trilogy of books A Land Fit For Heroes is coming to the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iTouch as well as Amazon Kindle Fire and Android on Google Play. A PC version of the game-book will be available on Windows PC for Steam.

The multi-player gamebook, A Land Fit For Heroes, will be produced in collaboration with Richard Morgan and the story will run parallel to that of the first volume in his book trilogy, The Steel Remains. Morgan’s dark and violent fantasy trilogy series of books, published by Gollancz, also features titles, The Cold Commands and The Dark Defiles, which will set a much darker tone than that of typical game-books traditionally aimed at a younger audience.

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Update to Narborion 2 is available!
There will be only 1 in-app item in Book 2 you can purchase: the Full Unlock Mode. It will give tons of Gold Coins and it will increase the size of loots and hidden treasures. Bookmarks and travels will be free and so on.

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